There is no argument – vacuum trucks are an expensive piece of equipment. This is why so many companies opt to purchase used vehicles to increase their work fleet. Some might be skeptical, but it is possible to buy a used vacuum truck that still has a lot of life left. Purchasing such a vehicle simply requires attention to detail, and following a few tips from the pros.

Protect Yourself When Buying

When purchasing vacuum trucks, be sure to look for a reputable dealer who will gladly put their reputation on the line with their used vehicles. Look for a warranty, either from the seller or from the manufacturer, and make sure that it transfers to a new owner. Be aware of separate warranties for the truck and vacuum system, know which one covers what and under what circumstances.

Be sure that the title and other paperwork is in order and the title is clear, that the unit shows no evidence of being damaged and rebuilt, and that there are no outstanding liens. Ask to see maintenance and work records as well as evidence of a current inspection. Be wary if a seller refuses an inspection or does not want to allow potential buyers to see vehicle records, as this could mean that there is something to hide.

Test The Truck

Before considering the purchase of any used vacuum trucks, the vehicle should be driven and all equipment tested. This is another reason why an inspection is essential. Try the various components and ensure the vehicle works the way it should. If possible, try it in the field, although this may not be necessary when working with a reputable dealer willing to stand behind their trucks in the event of a problem.

Know What To Expect

The truth is, a used truck is a used truck – and it will show its age the older it gets and the more it is used. Understanding how parts wear and the way this affects performance is important for a few reasons. It helps potential buyers know if they are looking at big repairs some time soon, whether a particular fault is an easy fix or not, and the affect of any modifications made on the vehicle. It also helps buyers decide whether the asking price for any used vacuum trucks is reasonable or needs some bargaining.

Look At The Tires

Many buyers don’t look at the tires. This one, simple detail can add some unnecessary cost on top of the cost of the truck. A good deal isn’t so good if shortly after buying a great truck, the buyer realizes the tires are in pretty bad shape and need to be replaced. At $300-$600 each, this is significant and can derail a company’s budget since without good tires, the truck is useless. Tire condition can also be used as a bargaining point.

With a little common sense, great used vacuum trucks can be found for a reasonable price. Even after careful examination, it is still a good idea to have a company mechanic look at a unit being considered for purchase as well. By going over these details very carefully, a company is less likely to end up with another owner’s problem and instead will instead have an affordable means for their business to grow!

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