Vacuum Trucks

Available in many different types, vacuum trucks are used every day in many common and a few uncommon ways. Vacuum truck loaders are a special type of vacuum truck that performs important services in many industries. Used to move loose material from one place to another, these specialized trucks are sold by leading vacuum truck sales dealers, although they may not be as readily available as the more common types. Companies looking for material handling equipment may find that these vac trucks simplify the job  and work more efficiently than other methods.

What Do Vacuum Loaders Do?

Vacuum loaders use vacuum power to load loose material. They are used to suction things like soil, sand, grain, and many other materials from one place and deposit it somewhere else. This method of material handling is faster, cleaner, and more efficient than using other types of equipment to scoop and load material. It is also more cost-effective, reduces material waste, and lowers fuel use and operating costs.

How Do Vacuum Loaders Work?

There are two types of vacuum loader vacuum trucks: batch and continuous system. Trucks using the batch system suction up material into the truck’s tank at the first location, then deliver it to the second location where the material is offloaded. Continuous system trucks work in one continuous effort.

Materials are suctioned from one area with a hose, then transferred through the tank and offloaded through a second hose to a different, nearby location. They are used for moving both wet and dry material and are efficient for reclaiming materials for re-use and reducing waste while keeping work sites cleaner.

Many Uses for Vacuum Loader Trucks

Although vacuum loaders are not the most common types of vac trucks for sale, these units perform a valuable service in many applications and are used in a wide number of industries. They are frequently used for transferring grain to and from grain elevators and storage silos, but are also used in the construction industry to load and unload soil, sand and loose building materials.

Vacuum loader trucks are used in steel mills, power plants, aluminum plants and chemical plants to move fly ash and other waste materials. These truck are used at rail yards and shipyards to quickly and efficiently transfer material or product from one car or container to another. They are a favorite for use in mines, oil drilling, and quite naturally in wastewater management and sewer care. These are only a few of the many ways that companies can use these versatile vacuum trucks; however; they can be used just about anywhere there is a need to move dry or wet material from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible.

Vacuum truck loaders are a specialized version of typical vacuum trucks. Available with either batch or continuous systems for various applications, they provide an efficient means of handling material of all types without mess or waste. Companies interested in these innovative, effective trucks can look into the many jobs they can perform by discussing them with vacuum truck sales companies. When searching for vac trucks for sale, consider how a vacuum loader might be the perfect addition to any fleet of vacuum trucks!

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