Vacuum trucks are some of the most useful industrial trucks for collecting and transporting a variety of materials because of how easy they make the collection of these substances. There are all types and sizes of vac trucks for sale designed to handle these materials, and are used in many different industries. Even though they all basically work the same, it is important to find the right truck for the job. Therefore, before purchasing any type of vac trucks for sale, it is important to know exactly what type of materials the truck will collect, to select the right one for the job.

Many Different Applications

Although vacuum trucks are most notably used for septic and sewer work, these trucks do much more than suction wastewater. Vacuum trucks are important in many different industries, and are able to carry all types of materials, such as the following:

  • Wastewater, Septic Waste, and Sludge - Standard septic trucks are the most common vac trucks for sale today. They are manufactured in smaller sizes, designed to service portable toilets, etc., to much larger sizes, which service residential and commercial septic systems.
  • Oilfield and Fracking Mud and Wastewater - Vacuum trucks are an important tool in the oil and fracking industry, clearing away contaminated mud, rock, and water from drilling sites.
  • Earth, Soil, and Sand - Today, hydroexcavation and air excavation have become preferred methods for certain types of trenching, potholing, and digging out smaller areas. Whether wet or dry, powerful vacuums suction up dirt, soil, and sand, in place of more damaging heavy equipment.
  • Catch Basin and Sewer Debris - Combination vacuum trucks are used by most municipalities to suction catch basins and sewers so they are kept clear. These trucks are usually outfitted with jetters and heavy duty water pumps, along with high suction vacuums that can suction up solid debris.
  • Other Liquid and Solid Materials - Due to the ease in which vacuum trucks can be used in various applications, they are a preferred way to do countless other jobs, including the clean-up of environmental and chemical spills, suctioning up contaminated soil, draining containers and confined spaces, and suctioning nearly any type of liquids, loose materials, and even many solid materials. Generally speaking, there is not much that a powerful vacuum truck cannot suction as long as the proper truck is used.
  • Hazardous Waste - Vacuum trucks, due to their ability to fully contain waste and deliver it to the proper disposal sites, are also the preferred method to clean up hazardous materials of all types.

The Right Truck for the Job

When choosing a vacuum truck, it is important to select the right one, based on what it will be used for. The main considerations when purchasing these units are pump size and capacity, tank size, and tank construction. Vacuum pumps must be strong enough to suction the specific material being vacuumed. Tanks should be chosen based on the importance of qualities, such as non-corrosiveness, resistance to dents, and ability to handle hazardous materials.

Vacuum trucks are useful in unlimited ways, and able to handle just about any material they can suction up, provided the truck is equipped for the job. When searching for vac trucks for sale, be sure to buy trucks that are specifically designed for the need in terms of size, tanks, and pumps in order to obtain the best service. With the right equipment, a powerful vacuum truck is nearly unstoppable!

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