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Vacuum trucks are available today in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and capacities. Of all of these vehicles, industrial vacuum trucks can be the most specialized since they are typically much larger than the standard septic type units and outfitted with different specialty equipment. When considering a purchase of vac trucks for sale, be sure to understand how industrial units differ from other ones to find the right machine for the job.

Size and Equipment of Large Septic Vehicles

Industrial vacuum trucks are often quite bigger than the typical vehicle used for septic services and equipped with even more specialized parts and equipment. Many of these vehicles include 5000-gallon and larger tanks and utilize a wider boom hose, making them useful for a variety of heavy-duty jobs. Many industrial vacuum trucks for sale are also combination units that both suction and pump material; as such, they can usually handle both wet and dry material. These larger, stronger units also utilize much larger pumps, based on the size of their tanks and are usually driven by PTO.

Some industrial machines have a debris storage tank in addition to the main tank, where solid debris is separated from any fluids that are pumped into the tank, sometimes to be recycled and used again.

How Are These Larger Machines Used?

While industrial capacity vacuum trucks are used for heavy-duty septic needs, they are also necessary equipment in many other industrial uses. These vehicles, also referred to as vacuum loaders, are used to suction dry waste material in ship and train yards, at chemical and power plants, as well as at cement and metal plants. They are used just about anywhere that large amounts of dry waste matter are produced and suctioning is the best means of collection.

They are used for wet and dry cleanup in mining operations, for oilfield sludge removal at drilling sites, and in agricultural operations to clean grain silos. In addition, these machines are a way to transfer grain, sand and other material from one location to another, such as when loading and unloading train cars.

What Services Use Large Industrial Units?

Besides the uses mentioned above, larger industrial vac trucks for sale are preferred in many municipal, construction and specialty services. Due to their tank capacity, pump strength, boom reach, and ability to both pump and suction, these machines are used by sewer and drain jetting services, sump and septic cleaning services, grease trap cleaning services, commercial waste services, and hazardous materials disposal and cleanup services.

They are an extremely popular preference for hydroexcavation and air excavation, offering a much safer and environmentally sound option for smaller excavation needs. Industrial vacuum trucks are units essential for emergency response and environmental cleanup services. In these situations, these powerful units provide the strength and versatility needed to perform many different jobs in one vehicle.

Although industrial vac trucks for sale do cost more than standard septic type vehicles, they are capable of much more and useful in many more functions. Companies looking to expand their fleet, or even expand their service offerings, should consider the various ways that adding industrial vacuum trucks for sale could help grow their business. Offering additional niche services is a great way for any vacuum trucks company to keep busy while growing a dedicated customer base!

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