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There are more options in vacuum trucks for sale than ever before, with many truck manufacturers building units that are suitable for the job. A newer design making its way into the vacuum trucks sales market is the cabover truck, a design that offers important benefits beyond standard cab trucks. Companies needing efficient vac trucks are finding cabover design to be well worth the investment.

What Is A Cabover Truck?

A cabover truck design, also called cab forward design or cab over engine (COE) design, is a chassis and body style that sits the driver cab over the engine, rather than behind it. Although the design has technically existed since the 1930’s, primarily heavy truck manufacturers have used this design as well as large vehicle makers of buses and motorhomes. Other than its use in heavy truck design throughout the world, cabover design is most popular in both heavy and medium duty trucks in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa because of the strict restrictions on vehicle length there.

A cabover design gives more cargo space in a shorter vehicle, a desirable feature in commercial trucks. A cabover design in medium duty trucks has been slower to gain popularity in the U.S., although those who opt for this vehicle design tend to appreciate the many benefits that it offers. More buyers of vacuum trucks for sale are also trying the cabover design and finding them very efficient.

The Benefits of Cabover Truck Design

Cabover trucks can be more expensive than conventional engine-forward design; however, they provide numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. They are becoming a popular option for use in vac trucks because of improved efficiency and features, such as the following:

  • Shorter Wheelbase - When the driver’s cab is situated over the engine, the wheelbase of the entire truck is shorter. As a result, cabover trucks are usually easier to maneuver and drive with a tighter turning radius. This can be useful for the way vacuum trucks are used.
  • Greater Load Space - With a shorter wheelbase, many cabover trucks have a longer chassis behind the cab. This can be useful for companies looking to fit certain size tanks or multiple tanks on their vehicle or to have tank and cargo space on the same vac truck.
  • Increased Visibility - Since there is no engine in front of the driver, cabover trucks provide great unobstructed visibility through a larger, flatter windshield. There is a lesser risk of poor frontal visibility;
  • Fuel Efficiency - Although cabover design may have poorer aerodynamics that affects fuel efficiency, engine design has improved. There are a number of medium-duty cabover models suitable for use as vacuum trucks with better fuel economy than standard cab trucks.

Efficiency and maneuverability are important considerations when searching for the right vacuum trucks for sale. Cabover truck design has begun to prove itself as a highly efficient, versatile design for companies who sell vac trucks, making this chassis design desirable for this work. Sales of cabover vacuum trucks are starting to climb as more companies begin to understand the benefits. Although cabover trucks might look a little different, companies looking to replace or add vacuum trucks may need to consider adding these trucks to their fleets!

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