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Vacuum trucks are used for many different jobs throughout the world every day. One of the more unique jobs that vacuum trucks are used for today is aviation fuel delivery. These powerful pumping tankers provide an essential service and are necessary at all airports to keep airplanes in the air. From smaller, local air strips to major International travel hubs, every airport needs these specialized vac trucks.

Great Demand in Aviation Refueling

Unlike most other vehicles, airplanes cannot simply pull up to the pump for a quick fuel refill before taking off again. Instead, fuel has to be brought to the airplane, then pumped into the fuel tank. The safest and most efficient way to do this is with vacuum trucks. These tankers of all sizes, from 1,000 gallons to as many as 6,000 gallons, are used all over the world to deliver fuel out onto the tarmac, where it is then pumped into the plane’s fuel tank. Although there are fuel tankers specifically sold for this use, many well-maintained vacuum trucks are easily repurposed for aviation use.

Efficient Equipment for Airline Use

Another reason why vac trucks are so handy for aviation use is that they are readily available and relatively affordable in comparison to custom aviation refueling vehicles. There are two types of aviation fuel, each of which requires different handling, meaning tanker trucks cannot carry both types of fuel. While many smaller airports may not be buying jet fuel, a facility that sees any type of commercial or military plane landing must have both fuel types available. This requires having multiple fuel trucks loaded and ready to quickly deliver to any plane. The availability of many good vacuum trucks makes it easier for even smaller airports to keep the right fleet of aviation trucks to service all planes landing there.

Choosing the Right Truck for Aircraft Fueling

Safe, efficient airplane refueling requires the use of the right vac trucks that can be found for sale. Suitable vehicles are models with a heavy duty chassis and typically a diesel engine for reduced wear and tear as well as higher truck efficiency. Vehicles should also be equipped with aluminum tanks, as aluminum is recommended for fuel handling and powerful hydraulic vacuum pumps and hose systems. Keeping this in mind, aviation refueling services can purchase standard vacuum pumper trucks that can be outfitted with the right equipment and serve as an alternative to building a custom truck from the ground up.

Airplanes help make the world go around, connecting people all over the world through the convenience of air travel. One of the necessities for keeping those planes in the air is fast, efficient refueling service provided by vacuum trucks. Whether requiring a custom vehicle or upfitting clean, used vacuum trucks for sale, aviation companies depend on these vac trucks to provide that service!

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