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Every day there are new, more innovative ways that vacuum trucks are being put to use. Another one of these inventive uses is cleaning railroad tracks in train yards. Due to the power and versatility that vacuum trucks offer, they are easily adapted for use in some unique ways. For some vacuum trucks sales companies and their customers, rail and track cleaning is opening up another new niche market for services requiring vacuum trucks.

Why Rail and Track Vacuuming?

Track safety requires that railroad tracks be kept clean of any loose debris that could adversely affect rail car movement. Most notably in rail yards and train service bays, debris such as grain, gravel, and other cargo or waste material can fall onto the tracks, creating potential safety hazards. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean these areas is with a vacuum truck. Vacuum trucks are also handy for cleaning sites after rail work has been performed, or after a derailment has left material spilled on or near the tracks.

Hi-rail vacuum trucks for sale are also especially useful for removing sand from between track and rails that could attribute over time to rail problems and even derailments. They are also used for air excavation in train track repair. Used in these important capacities, vacuum trucks are becoming a desirable tool for this type of essential railroad track maintenance.

Using the Right Trucks for Rail and Track Cleaning

Technically, any vacuum truck can suction up debris from a train yard; however, a company that is considering rail and track cleaning will probably want the best vacuum trucks to do the job. One essential quality that a rail and track cleaner should have is the versatility to vacuum up anything, regardless of what it may be. Therefore, a wet and dry vac truck is probably more desirable. Larger, combination vac trucks are proving to be most efficient for cleaning out of the way areas, without the continuous need to unload. This is why industrial-sized combo trucks make the best rail and track vacuums, especially when adapted with a rail package.

Specialty Rail Packages for Easiest Access

Getting industrial vac trucks to the work site is not always easy in a train yard, which is why these specialized vehicles need some special equipment. With the addition of a rail kit that allows vacuum trucks to be driven either on the road or on the rails, work can be done anywhere and trucks driven to more remote locations. The hi-rail packages are a costly addition to a standard vacuum truck; however, it is this versatility that makes these vehicles so capable and desirable in this type of work.

With the addition of rail and track cleaning, the long list of jobs that vacuum trucks can perform continues to grow. Hi-rail vacuum trucks illustrate continued innovation in vacuum truck use, providing more ways to make difficult jobs much easier. To learn more about hi-rail vacuum trucks, interested buyers looking to expand their services should contact an experienced vacuum trucks sales company to assist them. The right vacuum truck purchase can open new doors in markets where these services may not yet be offered!

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