Vacuum_TrucksThere are clogged sewers and drain issues that are tough to clean; however, the right type of equipment can clear those blockages suction those problems away! Under these circumstances, vacuum trucks are one of the most helpful and efficient types of equipment available; however, many people are not familiar with this kind of equipment. Besides clearing clogged sewers, this truck can also be used for cleaning duties such as: oil spills; water and soil contamination; and others that require similar services. Following are some important considerations about vacuum truck operations.

  • Getting the Right Design – How this vehicle is built is very important in providing efficiency for even the most demanding suction tasks. As the name suggests, vacuum trucks are vehicles installed with tanks with a suctioning system. When the machine is turned on, material is suctioned with air through a hose to the tank, while sludge and other solid material are deposited in one of the tank compartments. The tiny particles are filtered out before the air returns to the atmosphere. The vacuum system may be powered in two different ways: an auxiliary engine or the truck’s main engine. The tank may come in different sizes, depending on its capacity needs, and is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Cleaning a Revolting Mess – There are many stomach-turning messes that vacuum trucks can handle. One such case was the reported salad packaging plant where a pipe burst under its basement. The incident went unnoticed until rotten pulp was seen flowing under the service door of the basement. Production was halted and the plant was required to clean up the mess. The pulp had actually splattered onto the ceiling and around the walls with thick mold forming. Halfway through the job, the pulp had to be re-watered in order to get the proper consistency to be suctioned into the vacuum tank. Overall, the clean-up operation went safely and plant production was resumed in a shorter time than was expected.
  • Hose Safety – Cleaning results can be achieved easily and safely when proper usage of the hose is known. Crews should be aware that every suctioning task requires the right hose diameter in order to complete the task in a short period of time. Changing the hose size, even with a slightly different diameter, can greatly impact the performance of the machine, also smooth bore hoses almost always make every job easier. Each type of hose is useful for specific jobs, whether simple or difficult.
  • Tank Safety – It is important that the tank be cleaned after every job to avoid corrosion and even worse problems in future operations. There are also circumstances when repairs are needed inside the tank. With only one opening in and out of the tank, it must be ensured that the tank is free of toxic chemicals and never entered if such chemicals are inside.

Vacuum trucks are the right equipment for turning dirty and messy surroundings into clean and shiny ones. Their usefulness and productivity are well worth the investment, especially for production plants and other businesses that are prone to producing unwanted messes. The vacuum truck will always be the best choice for unwanted untidiness!