There is never an excuse for failure to safely operate any type of industrial equipment. The safe operation and driving of vacuum trucks is essential in order for a company to provide the best service to customers and keep employees safe. This need extends beyond the job site to the actual driving of vacuum trucks, as they handle differently than most other vehicles. When buying vehicles from used vacuum trucks dealers or used vacuum trucks services, it is important to know the trucks are safely maintained and operated by well-trained drivers. Following are a few tips regarding safe driving with vacuum and tanker trucks of all kinds.

Proper Maintenance

Before taking any newly purchased vacuum trucks on the roads, proper maintenance is essential for any previously owned units from used vacuum trucks dealers or used vacuum trucks services. It is important to ensure these pre-owned vehicles come with a clean bill of health and then keep them that way with proper maintenance. It is wrong to expect employees to do their job as safely as possible, when they do not have the best and safest equipment. Statistics show that lack of maintenance is responsible for many accidents, making it a company’s responsibility to prevent such incidents by keeping the trucks in great operating condition.

Specific Vacuum Truck Driving Challenges

Driving vacuum trucks is different than driving any other vehicle because of their shape, size, weight, and the loads being carried. Large, heavy vehicles require good driver training in general, which is especially important when driving any type of tanker truck with the specific challenge of carrying a loose load. Vacuum trucks handle differently when loaded or unloaded. Drivers must anticipate load shifting and learn how to handle this and prevent accidents caused by shifting. Safe cornering, slower speeds, and other safety precautions are necessary when driving a heavy work truck.

Correct Vacuum Truck Preparation

Another important safety practice is to insist that all vacuum truck drivers perform a daily inspection on vehicles before leaving for a job site. This can prevent issues caused by broken equipment or other maintenance concerns that develop from regular use. Checking tires for inflation and general condition is critical, as is ensuring the horn, headlights, brake lights, and other running lights are all working.

Defensive Driving

When all safety measures have been taken, and drivers are well-trained in the safe handling of their vacuum trucks, the final measure of safety is defensive driving. Drivers of heavy and slow-maneuvering vehicles must always assume that other drivers on the road are not aware of or notice them. Defensive driving lets the driver control a possible accident situation and give them the critical chance to prevent an accident from happening.

Knowing safe driving practices, having properly trained drivers, and updating vehicles with the latest driving and safety technology can provide a company operating vacuum trucks the ability to keep everyone safe both on and off the road. Purchasing fleet trucks from the experienced used vacuum trucks dealers is a step in the right direction. When looking for good used vacuum trucks services, always look for trucks in the best condition possible to increase your company’s safety results!

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