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Vacuum trucks are quit versatile and used for various types of work in the septic, sanitation, excavation, and other industries. This versatility is expanding more as many firefighting services have begun to use vac trucks in their rescue efforts. These vacuum tankers are proving themselves to be more valuable than the standard fire tankers. As a result, many departments are starting to include vacuum trucks as a part of their fleets. Rather than purchasing a standard water tanker, fire departments may want to research vacuum truck sales to find a tanker that can offer better service.

Rural Firefighting and Water Delivery

When a fire occurs in a rural area, finding enough water to fight that fire can be challenging. Fire services usually rely on tanker trucks to deliver water to sites where there is no active water source such as a hydrant, well, or lake. Tankers are driven to the site and water is either pumped directly from the truck or dumped in a dump site while the trucks leave to refill and bring back more water. The dump pools must stay full to provide enough water to keep battling the blaze, so the back-and-forth of the tanker trucks can continue for a while.

Time Is Everything In Fire Water Delivery

When fighting fires, time is of the essence; so the speed at which water can be brought to the site, dumped, and then pumped onto the fire is critical. The activity that generally wastes the most time in this process is filling up the tankers and pumping the water into the dump pools. Since tanker trucks usually offload via gravity, they require an external pump or pump engine to fill the tank and then release the water into the dump sites. This makes water delivery a slow, multiple-person operation.

Cutting the Time with Vacuum Power

Given the nature of the water delivery job and the time constraints, some fire companies have begun adding vac trucks to their fleets, for a very good reason. Vacuum trucks are not just tanker trucks capable of carrying as much if not more water than the average 2,000-gallon fire tanker; they are much faster. Vacuum trucks can suction and pump water as fast as 1,000 gallons per minute or even more, drastically cutting the time required to fill and then unload regular tankers. Quite simply, vac trucks are able to get the water to the fire faster than regular fire tankers.

Other Advantages with Vacuum Trucks

Besides the speed in which vacuum trucks can deliver water to a fire scene, they are also efficient in other ways. Because they are basically giant pumps on wheels and capable of pumping and suctioning water at a high speed and pressure, no external pump is necessary. A single person can run these vacuum trucks. Because of its high suction power, vacuum trucks can easily be filled from any type of water source, even at longer distances with enough hose.

As technology improves, it is common to find newer and better ways of doing things. Such is the case with the role that vac trucks play in firefighting. Surpassing the usual tanker truck in many ways for delivering water to rural fire sites, vac trucks are quickly becoming the modern replacement as they simply do a much better job. Companies searching for a better alternative to the standard water tanker should discuss their needs with a company offering vacuum truck sales services!

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