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Specialty vacuum trucks such as air excavators are the perfect choice for trenching, which is one of the most common usages for these machines. Yet even when needed, these vac trucks for sale can be pricey which makes it important to keep them actively generating income. To get the most from these machines, excavator vacuum truck sales specialists suggest looking at the many new ways this equipment is being used and how to increase versatility by using the right truck models.  

Seek Out Opportunities

Trenching and potholing for utility installation is one main way that air excavator trucks are used; however, this is not the only way they are used. The increase in fiber optic communication installations has increased the need for these trucks for potholing and suctioning horizontally drilled sites to clear out dirt and debris. They have become essential equipment at train yards and grain lots for moving loose material from cargo cars to waiting delivery vehicles and for cleaning the tracks to keep the trains safe.

Excavator vacuum trucks are also used in small construction jobs that require light excavation as well as in landscaping work to suction up large amounts of chipped debris. They are also used for cleaning catch basins and storm drains. Today, if the job can be done more easily and efficiently by using suction, someone is out there doing it with a vacuum excavator. Those who purchase these vac trucks for sale need only get a little creative in finding ways to offer services in their location.

Choose the Right Truck

While air excavators are extremely versatile, it is still essential to purchase one that can handle the various tasks it might perform. There are air and water units available to handle various wet and dry job, as well as combination units that can do both. Vacuum excavators are available in many sizes with different sized tanks and pumps, all of which should be matched to the job requirements before purchasing any of these machines.  

To get the most use from these specialty trucks, vacuum truck sales services recommend that buyers consider all the different ways they may want to use their equipment, then purchase accordingly. Some of these trucks cost more than others; however, the additional power and features can also mean greater jobsite versatility.

Purchase the Right Equipment

In addition to buying the right trucks, it is also important to buy the equipment that can make these vehicles versatile in many applications. Air units used to suction heavier material need powerful blowers and larger diameter hoses, while wet units used for cleaning catch basins and similar areas perform better with precision nozzles and smaller hoses.

It is also important to purchase the most effective pump and blower filters, which are designed to catch the type of debris being suctioned to prevent costly damage. Different jobs require different approaches, all of which can be facilitated with the right accessories and add-on equipment.

There are more ways that specialty excavator vacuum trucks can be used than ever before. Companies willing to look for the right opportunities can create an ongoing stream of income with these vac trucks for sale. By using the best units equipped with necessary specialty accessories, vacuum truck sales specialists find that owners of these vehicles can increase their profitability by catering to a wide variety of needs!

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