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Although excavating with vacuum trucks has been done since the 1950's, it is still gaining popularity as a safe and effective ground construction technique. Many construction and utility services have come to depend on these specialty trucks in a number of ways that continues to grow.

Excavator vac trucks for sale are becoming more useful and sought after for purchase from vacuum truck sales dealers every day as technology develops and they become safer and more efficient. Yet like most other ideas, excavation using water, air, and vacuuming came from very basic beginnings.

An Idea Stemming from Nature

Excavation done using vacuum trucks is a technique that evolved from an idea taken from nature. Going back to the 1800's, construction crews used pressurized water for excavation to mimic the effect rushing water has on dirt, working it away over time. In those days, pressurized water was used in some mining operations to break up the soil better and more safely than other methods. Success using this method in underground operations soon led to the use of hydroexcavation above ground as well.

Development of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum trucks came into the picture in the 1950's, building further on the water excavation technique. At that time, the first industrial vacuum machines were being used to clean sewers by suctioning. These trucks soon became a staple piece of equipment at many construction sites to clean up mud and debris produced by hydroexcavation.

This combination became popular for digging to put in utility lines, since hydroexcavation was a safe and faster method. It did leave a considerable mess after use. By the early 1990's, the first combination vac trucks for sale using a truck and trailer mounted water and vacuum together hit the market. Vacuum excavation using a single unit quickly became the norm, with its popularity and uses growing every year.

Current Vacuum Excavator Use

Vacuum excavators are now essential tools in various industries where safe and clean excavation is required. They are commonly used for utility location and sewer cleaning; however, there is also a great demand for their use in other applications because of their increased safety, power, and a smaller, maneuverable size in comparison to heavy equipment.

When used with water or air, these trucks are quite versatile, making them useful for moving wet or dry material, cleaning spills and work sites, as well as a growing number of municipal jobs.

Future Vacuum Excavator Use

Because of their qualities, innovation continues with this equipment and new uses are added every day based on individual needs and problems to be solved. Improved job site safety margins are a big reason why so many contractors look to the vacuum truck sales lot in search of vacuum excavators.

Increased and projected sales all point to safety as a vital factor, with companies working harder to become more efficient while improving job safety. Damage prevention at the worksite is another sales driving factor as companies find new and unique ways to use vacuum excavators to reduce construction site damage.

Overall, excavation vacuum trucks have not changed much since their invention; however, their technology continues to improve in a variety of ways. To address safety issues while filling the demand for more units being sold by vacuum truck sales services, manufacturers are focusing on ergonomics while adding versatility with more accessories and attachments as well as improving designs to facilitate their wider use. Excavator vac trucks for sale are here to stay and improving every day!

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