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Excavating with specially equipped vacuum trucks is becoming a more widely approved technique as many companies seek a more safe and efficient method of doing so. Not only are the vac trucks used in this task more affordable than many heavy equipment choices, they provide greater control, improving job safety. Excavation vacuum trucks are a great choice for digging, allowing companies to work more efficiently and safely than with any other digging equipment and are useful in a multitude of applications.

Precision Control of Excavating Jobs

Vacuum excavators offer operators precision control they can easily adjust, unlike heavy equipment that is much more cumbersome. By varying air and water pressure and using different nozzles, operators are able to cleanly remove loose soil, mud, and compacted dirt quickly and easily. Air excavation also provides the ability to bore directionally and maneuver carefully around sensitive buried pipes and utility lines. These vacuum trucks offer many different solutions to smaller, and more detailed excavating needs, keeping control of the process in the hands of the operator.

Wet, Dry, and Combo Options for Different Needs

Another important benefit gained with excavation vacuum trucks is the option of either wet or dry digging. Some jobs respond better to wet excavation while others are more efficient when using air alone, based upon the soil type and what lies beneath. To answer this demand, companies may now choose today from vac trucks for sale that utilize either water or air for digging, or even combination trucks that offer both options. In either instance, operators have the control they need to carefully suction up wet soil, or carve out dry dirt using water or air.

Higher Safety Levels Than Conventional Methods

With greater control and more digging options, vacuum excavation in its various forms has greatly improved safety in more sensitive operations. Although proper training and equipment use is essential, these machines are much more suitable for any operation that involves trenching for underground utilities, digging smaller and more precise holes and even performing certain types of rescue work. They are much gentler than heavy equipment, giving operators precision solutions in situations where one wrong move could spell disaster.

Digging with air, water, and vacuum power also prevents the soil compaction, which is responsible for extensive damage to underground utilities and dangerous digging conditions that occur when using heavy equipment. In addition, manufacturers of these vehicles are continually developing better technology that not only improves efficiency but increases safety as well.

The main factor in excavation safety is having total control of the equipment. Not only do excavating vacuum trucks provide that essential control for operators, they also offer the various options required for safe and efficient digging under any conditions. These specialized vac trucks easily replace heavy equipment in circumstances where a powerful, yet simultaneously delicate touch is required and are a growing favorite among excavating services and even many rescue companies. Excavation vacuum trucks for sale are by far today’s best choice for safe, controlled, precision digging!

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