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One of the biggest challenges that fire crews serving rural areas must contend with is being able to efficiently deliver water to the fire site. Although there have been a number of solutions to this problem over the years, tanker vacuum trucks are proving to be the best option.

Capable of quickly loading and delivering water to the fire, these tankers purchased from vacuum truck sales outlets offer many advantages over other methods in use. Based on these significant advantages, all fire companies should consider the addition of tanker vac trucks for sale to their firefighting fleet.

Where Other Options Fail

Bringing water to rural fires is not a new practice; however, it is one that has firefighters continually seeking better, faster methods. The main challenge in doing this is that the water must be suctioned up from the source and into tankers. They must then carry the water to the fire location.

The standard tanker fire apparatus can be used to do this, although it is an involved process. Because they do not have pumps like vacuum trucks, loading requires the use of an external pump or an actual pumper truck and numerous hoses and connections.

This process also requires anywhere from two, four, or even more people to connect and run all the equipment. It is an improvement on past solutions, yet one that still needs greater improvement to make rural firefighting more efficient.

Improving the Process with Vacuum Tankers

Considering the effort required in using two trucks to load a tanker, or maybe a truck and an external pump, many companies have found a better solution by using vac trucks. Because vacuum tankers can suction water using their own pumps and do it quickly, these industrial machines have become a popular choice.

Since they are able to suction water at higher speeds and from greater distances, large vacuum tankers that are operated by one or two people accomplish more than what two trucks and as many as four people could do - and much faster. Industrial vacuum trucks have become so useful in this capacity, they are now produced specifically for fire use.

Important Advantages with Vacuum Tankers

The most important advantage in using vacuum tankers purchased from vacuum truck sales companies is these large tankers can be loaded without an onsite pumper truck or external pump. This single detail removes most people from fill-site work, allowing more firefighters to be available at the fire site. This is especially significant for companies that may already be dealing with personnel shortages as is often the case in rural fire fighting.

The only equipment required to load these tankers is a single suction hose. These powerful vacuum tankers can be filled and get back to the fire in only a few minutes. They are also able to suction from more water sources, including shallow streams and those that may be unreachable by other methods. These vacuum tankers can even be equipped with secondary fire pumps so they can suction water and pump it right onto the blaze.

At a cost much lower than large fire pumpers which cannot carry much water themselves, tanker vacuum trucks offer many important advantages to companies fighting rural fires. With powerful pumps that can quickly suction water from almost any source, tanker vac trucks are equipment that every company should consider purchasing.

Whether contemplating the purchase of an industrial tanker from vacuum truck sales services or ordering a specialty fire vacuum tanker, these important trucks have become the most suitable solution for fast water collection and delivery to rural locations!

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