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One of the biggest concerns with the use of jet vacuum trucks is their substantial use of water. In a time when clean water is becoming such a precious commodity, water consumption is now a prime concern for companies who purchase vacuum trucks for sewer cleaning and related uses. Thankfully, some new vacuum truck technology is combating the issue of water waste, entering the vacuum truck sales market with dual purpose vac trucks that also recycle water.

Environmental and Business Costs

Water is the essential element required for effective sewer cleaning and jetting. It does a great job without polluting the environment or damaging pipes and sewer elements. Yet the average jet vac truck in regular use can use millions of gallons of water every year. This is costly for the sewer cleaning services who use these vacuum trucks and for the environment. As companies become increasingly aware of environmental issues and try to "go green," the need for a viable way to recapture this water and recycle it has become paramount.

Water Recycling With JetVac Trucks

The idea of recycling the water used in sewer cleaning and jetting applications is not a new one; however, the technology did not offer the means to effectively do so until now. Efforts to collect and filter used water have been somewhat successful, although the question remains as to how the water could actually be used. Most existing filtration methods leave tiny particles behind that increase wear on hoses and nozzles as an after effect. Increased equipment expenses resulting from insufficient attempts to save water make recycling water so much less effective.

Filtering out the dirt and solid particles is the obvious first step; however, for water to be truly recycled it needs to actually be cleaned. The main issue has been how to provide an actual cleaning process within the confines of vacuum trucks so water can be reused on site.

Water Cleaning Technology

Finally, there is a better way to clean water. By using a combination of centrifugal filtering and purification through sedimentation, one company has found the way to collect sewer jetting water for reuse and actually clean it to be safely recycled. This new technology even allows sewer cleaners to drive to the worksite with an empty tank, suction water from the sewer, and then clean it onsite to use for sewer jetting.

Onsite water collection and recycling eliminate the need for trucks to leave the work site to refill or for refill tankers to be brought to the site so work can continue. Since its introduction, those using this new cleaning and recycling system are seeing large reductions in water consumption as well as increased productivity.

This newer offering in vacuum truck sales and the units that are available with such advanced water cleaning and recycling technology are turning heads. Companies looking for the best ways to both cut their operating expenses and become more environmentally friendly are noticing these vacuum trucks. This water cleaning technology is benefiting those already using them. When looking for vacuum trucks for sale, sewer and jetter services can now choose the most cost-effective, environmentally-conscious option on the market with a recycling jet truck!

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