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When searching the vacuum truck sales lots for a unit to purchase, one of the critical elements to consider is what type of PTO is on the truck. The PTO or Power Take Off on vacuum trucks is what allows them to convert engine power into equipment power.

This equipment generally varies in specifics, including the shaft rotation direction. Without the right connections, the equipment will be useless. Because of this, it is essential that any company looking for vac trucks for sale first determine the type of PTO needed before choosing a specific truck.

Transmissions and PTOs

One critical aspect that must be considered when searching through vacuum truck sales inventory is that not every PTO can connect to every transmission. The transmissions on work vehicles may have one or more PTO openings at a variety of angles depending on the position of other critical truck equipment. Exhaust parts and catalytic converters can sometimes block access to PTO openings.

That makes it essential to look at how many PTO openings the transmission has and which PTOs can connect to these openings. This is especially critical when considering that PTO shaft rotation must correspond with that of the equipment it will power.

PTO Rotation

Whether vac trucks for sale come with a PTO already installed or one must be installed, the next issue is compatibility with the equipment it needs to drive. There are two issues that must be considered:  shaft rotation and optimal operating speed. Not all driven equipment connections rotate in the same direction, so finding a PTO that is compatible is essential.

Some equipment gear pumps permit adjustment of their drive rotation to fit any PTO, while others must be ordered with the right rotation to match the PTO. Equipment should be purchased to match the rotation of an existing PTO or vice-versa so that a company avoids having equipment they cannot actually use on their trucks.

Other PTO Compatibility Factors

To have best PTO performance for vacuum trucks, it is important to understand how fast the equipment runs and what type of torque it requires. The PTO delivers a certain ratio of speed and torque to the equipment based on how fast the engine is running as well as a number of other factors. So required PTO percentage to engine speed should be determined by looking at equipment torque rating and drive speed.

In addition to equipment torque and speed, it is also important to consider whether the equipment requires continuous operation or if it runs intermittently. This could require using a PTO that delivers more or less torque.

The relationship between necessary vacuum truck equipment and the PTOs required to drive such equipment is an essential factor to address early in the buying process. There are many vac trucks for sale with a variety of PTO setups. When searching vacuum truck sales listings, the most efficient method is to first determine PTO requirements, including critical shaft rotation, then consider the options that meet them!

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