Every industry faces costs to obtain the equipment that is required to run the business – without it, there is no business, no way to ever get to the point of being profitable. Fortunately, when looking for equipment such as vacuum trucks, there is an additional benefit that is immediately provided since it can be used for different types of jobs, which increases efficiency and lowers overall operating costs more quickly. Even training time can be reduced since an operator only has to be trained to use the same vehicle in a different way. The secret is to find all of the other ways to use the same vacuum truck.

Plan Vacuum Truck Purchases

Whether looking to expand usage of currently-used trucks or add on additional vacuum trucks found for sale, it is wise to have an action plan before buying or leasing. New revenue sources that focus on similar functions are a great way to do this; however, such sources should be closely examined ahead of time to be sure which particular truck can best handle or be adapted to additional tasks. It all sort of goes along with a good business plan that spells out the direction of vacuum truck work in order to estimate current and future vehicle needs.

A perfect example would be pressure washing companies. An initial purchase could include power enough for current pressure washing jobs, with a plan to grow the business into trenching and potholing through hydroexcavation – that would require a more powerful vehicle. This is a common sense approach to growing a business through good services done for current clients while exploring the expansion of service in this case to hydroexcavation work. Of course, each vacuum truck must be properly equipped to be strong and durable enough to withstand the stress of any more demanding jobs.

Use Resources Wisely

Using the same equipment for more than one unique job if possible is always a great way to get maximum productivity from a vacuum truck; it is also appropriate to purchase separate units for each job – it’s just a matter of using available resources wisely. Number of workers enters into this equation including those skilled enough to perform more than one major job. Needless to say, if operators are already trained for additional services, that could be extremely beneficial in conserving available financial resources by not having to either hire new operators or spend time training current ones for new job duties.

The competition faced by most businesses today should be closely monitored to be aware of what services are being offered. At a time when there are more providers, more vacuum trucks for sale, and sometimes less work to be done, expanding a vacuum truck business by offering additional services to existing clients may prove to be a beneficial way to hold onto such clients and gain new ones as well. The vacuum truck service with the right tools and personnel to handle most jobs will stand a better chance of getting that next job!

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