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Today there are vacuum trucks for everything, from simple septic operations to delicate excavating tasks. Another important type of vac trucks for sale that are being seen more often are fire tender trucks, the perfect complement to heavier fire equipment. They reliably bring water where it is needed to make controlling and stopping fires easier.

Fire tankers are sold by vacuum truck sales companies and are a better option to suit these needs than a standard pumper truck as they are designed specifically for this purpose.

What Are Fire Tender Trucks?

Fire tenders are tanker vacuum trucks that carry water to rural locations or any place where there is no immediate source of water. They are smaller tankers that are especially useful in areas where larger equipment is either unaffordable or impractical. They still give local fire crews the power of a big tanker.

Why Are Fire Tender Vacuum Trucks Different?

The biggest differences between tender trucks and standard pumper units are: the range in available sizes; their sturdier, more specialized design; and the ways these units can be used. Most water pumper vac trucks for sale simply carry water to a fire, where it is dumped into a pool for the fire pumper to suction up to use.

Specialty tender pumper vehicles give fire crews more options because they are designed with high-powered pumps. They use the best in vacuum pump technology, allowing tanks to be filled more quickly while offering enough power to pump water directly onto the fire if necessary.

With these capabilities, tender trucks sold by vacuum truck sales services offer smaller fire and rescue crews affordable options for providing essential safety services.

Powerful Pumper Vacuum Trucks Designed to Last

Fire tender units are no ordinary pumper or vac trucks for sale. Not only do they give fire crews more pump power to fight fires, they are also designed to withstand the rigors of this type of work. These fire water trucks can resist corrosion that might damage their tanks made from galvanized steel that always allows crews to keep the tank full.

They can be found with a variety of tank sizes holding as little as 500 gallons to as much as 4,000 gallons. Specialty fire water pumper trucks are designed with heavy duty axles as well as a chassis and suspension that can carry water over rougher terrain.

Designed for Demanding Work

This variety of pumper equipment is designed for more demanding work than typical sewer cleaner trucks, making them an ideal choice for reliable emergency work. Fire tenders are designed to include the latest pumper technology. They are more powerful and efficient when suctioning and delivering water really counts.

When local municipalities need powerful, yet affordable options in fire equipment, fire tender vacuum trucks are a great choice over standard vac trucks for sale. Designed to provide efficient service to fire crews in smaller settings or rural locations, these high-performance pumpers have proven to be a worthy investment over some larger, less accessible types of equipment.

Whether putting out a small blaze in town or rushing water to a remote area, vacuum truck sales companies have the answer in specialty fire tender pumper trucks!

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