Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are used for a multitude of liquid waste jobs and not just septic work. Naturally, pumping various materials in different environments creates a number of challenges. Before investing in any vacuum trucks for sale, a company should have a good idea of the specialty options available in order to make the wisest decisions when buying expensive vehicles. Purchasing vac trucks for sale that are equipped with the right components will ensure that a company gets the most efficient service from their investment.

Vacuum and Septic Truck Options

It is important for a company to purchase vacuum trucks that are efficiently set up to handle the type of job being performed. Following are some of the things that should be considered when buying such a unit:

  • Positive Displacement - A  strong positive displacement pump can handle a job that involves suctioning and separating wet materials. Positive displacement pumps function quite efficiently while preventing any material from getting into the pumps, which reduces wear on the filters and prevents expensive pump damage.
  • Long Body Loaders - Long body loaders provide greater suctioning power as well as effective material separation; it is an option when separating material or carrying clean water is necessary. These longer and larger vac trucks for sale have improved air routing and filtration along with larger clean-out doors and wider transition to the dump tubes to ease handling greater volumes of material.
  • Blower/Vac Trucks - These trucks are equipped with powerful blower vac pumps and are most suitable when the ability to suction and blow out material is essential to the job. Many combination trucks are available with a variety of vacuum pump and tank sizes to meet various specifications.
  • All-Weather Trucks - When weather extremes are a possibility, insulated and heated components matter. All-weather trucks that are designed to withstand extremely low temperatures make work possible even in the worst weather.

Tank Options

Besides purchasing the right vacuum trucks for sale, a company with special requirements also has the option of installing a different type of tank. Some specialty options include low profile rectangular tanks for portable restroom servicing, durable septic and grease tanks designed to withstand corrosion, and tanks made from different materials to easily serve various jobs.

Blowers and Pumps

There is also a very wide assortment of vacuum pumps and blowers available that can be included in any truck set-up. Pump options include models designed for continuous use, inline-drive pumps, fan-cooled, liquid-cooled, and high-pressure reciprocating pumps. Blower choices include positive displacement blowers and continuous use high-vacuum options that withstand extreme demand.

Truck buyers also have many options in specialty equipment that can be used to tailor vehicles according to their needs besides tanks, pumps and blowers.

There are many options available today for a company looking for the best vacuum trucks for sale to handle their requirements. From complete systems to specialty components and parts, septic vacuum trucks have come a long way in recent times. To make the wisest decisions when buying vac trucks for sale, a company should start by researching the options available and investing in vehicles and components that make their work easier, safer, and more cost-effective!

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