From what was a method for safer potholing to avoid pipe and wire breakage with heavy equipment, hydroexcavation has greatly expanded its reach into a number of different industries, especially the oil industry. There is a lot of work to be done for oil drilling companies; however, anyone wanting to enter this new market should know that it is a highly competitive industry and vacuum trucks must provide the best service.

Value of Educated Clients

An important factor to know about specialized industries such as hydroexcavation is that not everyone knows exactly how it works. There is much more to it than simply dumping water in a hole and vacuuming it out with surface material. Hydroexcavation has many innovative uses that are only known by workers in the field.

Taking the time to educate potential clients about the process and its many benefits can often attract new business. Informed clients who understand the process and how it works are more likely to use the trucks and share the value of such usage to others. As with any type of service-oriented job, people-pleasing is the #1 goal.

Advertise Value to Current Clients

Although regular vacuum trucks can be used for small hydroexcavation jobs, the bigger jobs such as oilfield work require heavy-duty, more specialized trucks that use the most recent pump technologies for that specific purpose. This allows for a more precise, faster job with the best results, especially under working conditions where doing a good job is critical.

After bringing home such highly specialized vacuum trucks, it is vital to let all current customers know about their addition to the truck fleet. Pointing out how it is better than older equipment and the kind of results that can be provided is one more way for companies to gain the interest of current clients and appeal to the interest of new customers. Displaying expertise with this advanced equipment will help even more.

Deliver As Promised

In order to keep selling the improved service of these specialized vacuum trucks, it is vital that improved performance is always given. Many vacuum truck customers need these types of services, especially with timeliness. In most cases, customers hiring hydroexcavators are waiting for that task to be done in order to begin the actual job; so it is vital to start hydroexcavation work on time and finish on time, just as it was promised. Of course, finishing earlier is even better!

Other than being well trained with the equipment and able to provide a timely service, there really is not much else involved in having a good, reputable hydroexcavation business. Buying the best vacuum trucks possible, having well-educated, skilled operators, and having good rapport with customers is usually what it takes. Building a successful hydroexcavation business can be accomplished with the right trucks and the right can-do business attitude!

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