Vacuum TrucksThe highway is a dangerous place for drivers of all vehicles and operators of vacuum trucks are especially at risk of colliding with oncoming traffic. In order not to be left completely at the mercy of the hundreds of passing drivers on the road each day, truck drivers and workers must take active steps to be protected and remove any unnecessary risks from the job site.

Risk Assessment

When preparing to sweep a road, truck operators and project managers should conduct a thorough risk assessment of the job site, taking into consideration worst-case scenarios. For example, tractor trailer rigs can completely obliterate slow-moving vacuum trucks and cause a collision.


Operation of these vehicles can be restricted to a particular road section by installing concrete road blocks and diverting traffic from driving in close proximity to the job site; however, this adds more complexity to the operation due to traffic control problems. Additionally, it does not protect a sweeping crew from drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol who do not obey the diversion signs.

Safety Measures

Even within the confines of the job site, there should be a great deal of precautions observed.

  • Trained Professionals – A crew should consist only of trained professionals, with on-site supervisors and a rigorous adherence to proper safety measures.
  • Adequate Lighting – The correct amount of light needs to be provided to an entire site for all relevant equipment.
  • Experience – The management team should have a extensive experience in directing work crews of vacuum trucks and dealing with moving traffic.
  • Police Supervision – Some job sites could also employ police services in case an accident should happen or even more, the mere presence of the police along with flashing emergency lights has a tangible effect on drivers and speed decreases more quickly than just a flashing yellow light.

With proper cautionary signs and lights in place to notify, divert and regulate the speed of oncoming vehicles, a vacuum truck is able to safely carry out its duties on the road.


When it comes to insurance, sweepers are at a disadvantage in case of accidents. Because work is done outside the safety of a vehicle, the most likely accident victims are ground workers as the slow movement of a vacuuming convoy will hardly ever cause an accident. In addition, any vehicle that collides with a convoy may be under-insured or completely lacking insurance, leading to problematic injury and damage recoveries.

Even though highways present many dangers for vacuum trucks and operators, knowing how to avoid such sweeping risks could result in lower insurance claims and costs!

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