Combination vacuum trucks that pump and vacuum are the main choice for jobs such as jetting, sewer cleaning, and hydroexcavation. Often, there is greater focus on the jetting or pumping function these trucks offer, and not enough on the efficient use of their powerful vacuums. When skillfully used, these powerful vacuums can aid many jetting or pumping jobs. Companies looking to purchase vac trucks for sale for this type of work, should not underestimate the use and efficiency that combination trucks can offer!

Vacuums And Jetters Working Together

The main job of any truck used for jetting in drain and sewer cleaning, and other comparable applications, is to break up blockages and clear them out, using water at high pressure. This is done with a combination of penetrating, higher pressure nozzles, and clearing, lower pressure nozzles. These tools work together to dislodge and remove everything from caked up mud and rocks, to tree roots and other debris that gets stuck in these narrow pipes. Clearing out debris after it has been loosened, cut away, or dislodged is a substantial part of the process. Rather than flush all the debris out, vacuuming it out can be much more efficient - at least for services that use combo vacuum trucks. Vacuuming loosened debris is more powerful, and can greatly reduce the time it takes to get drains and sewers clear, making combination pump and vac trucks a preferred option.

Getting the Right Training

Unfortunately, most training for cleaning out pipes and sewers revolves mainly around the jetters, while failing to acknowledge the great value of the vacuum half of combination trucks. Operators are only trained in how to clear out pipes and drains using the force of water at high pressure, without considering the many instances where a powerful vacuum can make this job faster and easier. Therefore, companies with combination vacuum trucks, or who are looking for vac trucks for sale to use for jetting and sewer clearing, should re-evaluate their procedures and determine how to incorporate their vacuums into this work, and appropriately train their operators. This includes understanding how to properly run and maintain the vacuum component, since the vacuum is more delicate than the water pumps.

Increase Efficiency with Combination Trucks

Combination pump and vacuum trucks are expensive. Even though the companies that buy them typically have every intention of putting their trucks to the best possible use, what often happens is the focus is placed on the jetting and pumping, while the vacuum portion gets much less use. These two components are made on the same truck to be used together. When this is done, work efficiency goes up. In many cases, it is lack of training - either in technique, or use of the vacuum itself - that prevents a company from achieving the highest levels of efficiency with their combination trucks. Other times, a business may think there is no real need to invest in a combination truck for this type of work, since the job mainly involves the use of pressurized water. When a company understands the value of a combination truck, and actually puts this combination to use - profits rise.

When purchasing vac trucks for sale, before assuming there is no need for a combo unit, or to use the vacuum component on this machine when performing sewer, drain, and similar work - think again. Proper use of the vacuum on any type of vacuum trucks allows for more efficient use of the equipment, which translates into a more profitable business!

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