Vacuum trucks are essential for many different services, in many different industries. No matter what these trucks are used for, having the best equipment is important for providing the best, and most efficient service. Whether expanding vacuum truck fleets, or replacing older units with upgraded vac trucks for sale, there are many products available today to improve the service these trucks provide. Vacuum truck sales companies offer many specialty and upgraded units, or can help arrange for the upfitting of the right trucks, to gain greater function in a variety of ways. Companies looking to expand their fleet of vacuum trucks may want to look into the various truck types and equipment options available to them today.

High Performance Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

Sometimes the original equipment pump is just not enough, and upgrading is necessary. There are various pumps available for all different types of vacuum trucks, to handle all kinds of materials. Some vac trucks for sale include the following:

  • Commercial grade, heavy duty pumps for use with large 2,000 to 4,000 gallon tanks;
  • Compact pumps that deliver high power in a very small package, for smaller trucks;
  • Reciprocating pumps, designed for continuous, non-stop use; and, 
  • Heavy duty rotary lobe pumps that offer smooth function, with reverse vacuum capabilities.

Along with these high performance pump models, there are industrial blowers available with various high performance features such as protective labyrinth seals, air injection manifolds, and other elements promoting durable, effective function. These are highly recommended for the best blower performance.

Hydroexcavation and Combination Setups

Vacuum trucks used for hydroexcavation, jetting, and other combination use can be purchased already equipped. Certain other trucks can also be upfitted with these systems to perform various tasks. Excavation systems include equipment such as split water and suction tanks, water heaters, excavation hoses and booms that control water and suction simultaneously, and much more.

Cold weather hydraulic systems with included heated cabinets, water heaters, and stainless steel, corrosion-resistant tanks are available, as are all season systems that include heaters, dump tanks, and equipment built to withstand the rigors of performance in high heat and cooler conditions. Dump systems, high volume excavation setups, and more can all be upfitted for specific needs. Industrial combo systems with specialized, telescoping booms, jet/vac combo units, industrial cleaning combination trucks, and other systems for jobs such as sewer and drain clearing and multi-purpose cleaning, are also very popular.

Vacuum Tanks and Trailers

For those looking for other options in providing a combination of services with their pump or jetting trucks, vacuum trailers and tanks are yet another option available from vacuum truck sales centers. There are many trailer sizes available for hauling external vacuum tank setups of all types, and tanks of different sizes and construction available for custom applications. Vacuum trailers offer the ability to expand services, or handle higher volumes without the need to invest in a whole new truck.

When it comes to expanding fleets, or just expanding services, there are many options available for those businesses in search of vac trucks for sale. Finding the right equipment for the job is necessary, but regardless of what the job is, there is a vacuum truck out there to do it. For more information about specific equipment for upfitting, vacuum trailers, or to find a fully-equipped truck that is ready to go to work, talk to an experienced vacuum truck sales company today!

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