kwvactruckbluegrey 002homepageAn inspection before beginning work is very important for vacuum trucks so they can consistently handle many different jobs over a normally-anticipated life span. Of course, natural wear-and-tear will happen any time a vehicle is used continuously; such effects can be diminished by always performing an inspection on the truck before taking it to a job and prolong its lifespan substantially. It is important to be familiar with the advantages than can be gained from a consistent maintenance program.


Establishing routine maintenance for pumper trucks will help prevent an expensive failure from happening – or at least detect any problems before they get worse. This has been proven to be effective in preventing potential problems from happening at a job site. If a small problem is ignored, it can grow over time into a major failure that could create down time, expensive repairs, and even fatal accidents. Remember that good preventive maintenance will slow down deterioration and protect a truck from costly problems. The use of properly maintained equipment imparts a feeling of confidence to customers, an assurance in the services being received and a sense of future loyalty that will most likely be shared with friends.


Preventive maintenance programs are useless if incorrectly implemented. It is important to be sure that inspections are being properly handled before proceeding to the job site. A maintenance program includes inspection, cleaning, and detecting any mechanical issues. When given a high priority and correctly implemented, a pumper truck will work longer and better while keeping crew members safe during operation.

Inspection Fundamentals

There are many essential features that should be checked on vacuum trucks before proceeding to a job site. The engine should be inspected to be sure it is working properly operating; other parts should be routinely examined including the suspension, transmission, wheels, and tires to name a few. The vacuum mechanism and its components including the tank need to be checked before each usage. Equally important is to be sure that all necessary protective gear such as goggles for eye protection are used when working.

The work environment at a job site should always be checked and a safe parking area should be determined so that the hoses can be laid out properly. The right type of hose should also be used: corrugated or rough hoses are effective for shorter jobs and smooth bore hoses are best for tougher and longer lasting work. Any of these truck must be well-grounded, especially when working with dust. If using a hose with a large diameter, all three release controls must be working, especially the “T” release that is in the hose and when triggered will shut down the vacuum.

Inspecting vacuum trucks before every job ensures that every demanding task that is presented can be safely handled. Using a preventive maintenance program will definitely expand the equipment’s life span because problems will be detected early enough to prevent it from growing into a major catastrophe!

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