For many smaller businesses, diversity can sometimes be the key to success. This can also be the case for companies using specialized equipment, like hydroexcavators. Hydroexcavation units are some of the most powerful vacuum trucks for sale, but many do not realize just how diverse this equipment can be. Companies that might be in search of used vacuum trucks might consider a hydroexcavator instead, giving them the opportunity to provide a number of different services rather than just one!

Hydroexcavators - Kings of the Vacuum Truck World

Vacuum trucks are used for a few basic operations - those mainly being septic work, wastewater and materials handling, and similar such jobs. The trucks generally purchased from a new or used vacuum trucks company to do these jobs, are single-duty machines that suction wet or dry material into the truck’s tank, then pump it back out to dispose of it. Hydroexcavation units take this process a step further. They offer not only the same amount of power for suctioning, but the added benefit of pressurized water, which is extremely useful for other types of work. Featuring both abilities - strong suction and high pressure water pumping - hydroexcavators open doors for the companies that own them, giving many businesses both added work and added profits.

How Hydroexcavators Help

Hydroexcavation has become an essential tool for the precise and safe unearthing of underground power lines, as well as gas and sewer pipes. Digging with pressurized water while loose material is suctioned out, allows a repair and installation crew to work more efficiently on these projects, and without the major safety risks that come when using heavy equipment - such as vacuum trucks for sale - for digging. These trucks are useful for much more than construction site work. Therefore, a smart company can really benefit by putting their giant hydroexcavation units to work in other, more diverse ways.

While the basic uses of the machines are mostly the same - excavation using high-pressure water and suction - there are some different applications and uses for this service that companies with these trucks should consider, such as the following:

  • Potholing and Trenching - Hydroexcavation works best for potholing and trenching by being a much safer method to locate and/or repair existing underground utilities and communications lines, or to install new ones.
  • Underground Tank Removal or Replacement - These machines can be used in digging operations for upgrading or replacing underground storage tanks, so they are compliant with the most current EPA rules regarding these tanks.
  • Environmental Site Cleaning - Hydroexcavators can by used for the contained, efficient removal of contaminated soil and hazardous material from environmental hazard or spill sites, with the ability to immediately transport for proper disposal.
  • Power Plant Conversion - These units can be used for digging to install new pipelines for natural gas service, as more power plants convert from older power generation and supply methods.
  • Municipal Sewer Cleaning - Water and suction are often much more successful in keeping sewer lines and storm drains clean, and without the potential for damage that comes with other equipment.
  • Heavy Landscaping Jobs - Removing or relocating large amounts of soil in very precise patterns can easily be done through hydroexcavation, allowing landscapers to carve out or build up the exact shape they want for planted beds, swells and hills, water containment effects, ponds and more.

While these are just some of the various ways hydroexcavation trucks can be used, those who actually have these trucks in operation continue to find new and inventive jobs for them every day. What may seem like highly specialized equipment, is actually more versatile than many may realize. A potentially profitable consideration for companies that normally buy vacuum trucks for sale might be able to diversify a little. Rather than bringing home the standard models, the next time you are on a purchasing trip to a used vacuum trucks company, try something a little more equipped to offer some additional services. Many small companies can do very well with added services - sometimes even becoming the local specialist in a new field!

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