One of the most significant dangers that drivers of heavy trucks and equipment face is a rollover accident. Operators of vehicles prone to tip over must understand these dangers and know how to prevent them. Rolling over is especially common with vacuum and tanker trucks. Therefore, anyone considering the purchase of vacuum trucks for sale should learn some roll over prevention techniques.

Disproving the Myths

Truck rollover accidents happen; when they do, 99 percent of the time it is because of something the driver did or did not do correctly. Many claim that a rollover is something only new drivers experience, occurs with tractor-trailers, or when driving on highway ramps – this is not only is incorrect, it is potentially dangerous.

The truth is that any driver, regardless of experience, risks a rollover if they do not handle their vacuum truck correctly. Seasoned drivers may have better instincts and be more accustomed to the trucks they drive; however, they experience just as many rollovers as new drivers. This is a problem that can happen to any vehicle that is top-heavy or has a shifting load, making tankers such as vacuum trucks prime examples of the perfect roll over vehicle – and on any road, not just ramps.

Why Rollovers Happen

The reason why a truck rolls over is the same, no matter what the circumstances – it becomes too top-heavy and loses balance. This can occur in many different ways, either by wind, which is a common threat to tractor-trailers; or by shifting liquid loads, which is the usual culprit with tanker trucks. Physics dictate that weight controls momentum; so to prevent rolling over, that weight must be controlled.

Preventing Rollovers – A Driver’s Responsibility

In most cases, truck rollovers are preventable and a driver must understand that their actions alone can prevent them. In tanker type units such as vacuum trucks, a rollover can occur because of something that causes a load to shift and abruptly move the weight in a way that affects the entire vehicle’s balance. This could result from driving on curved highway ramps too fast, hard braking, swerving or any other sudden movement that causes a redistribution of the load.

Weather and other conditions that are out of a driver’s control can contribute to these actions; in reality, most rollovers are caused by something the driver does wrong. At the top of the list is driving too fast for conditions and over-steering. So avoiding these type of situations with a loaded a unit is very important.

It is critical for a company and its drivers to understand that rollover accidents are almost always preventable, that safety depends on attention to detail and careful adherence to safe driving rules. Seasoned drivers can still roll over if they become complacent – and newer ones must become accustomed to driving these vehicles. Before buying any vacuum trucks for sale, a business should have a good training program in place that teaches drivers how to effectively prevent vacuum truck rollovers!

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