Vacuum trucks are a powerful and versatile heavy-duty truck that is the perfect equipment for any type of hydro-blasting projects. Cleaning done in this fashion utilizes highly pressurized water for a high impact. Because of a vacuum truck’s mobility, such services can be done anywhere and anytime it is needed.


Typically, high-pressure water ranges from 5,000 PSI up to 40,000 PSI; it is used for a variety of tasks such as cleaning jobs. With a strong burst of around 17,000 PSI, such a water spray can cut through concrete. The process consumes large volumes of water ranging from a minimum of four GPM/gallons per minute up to twenty GPM. The vacuum trucks mobility allows for such services to be available wherever needed.


By attaching a particular nozzle to the hose, it can handle many types of specialized tasks. Following are several hydro-blasting methods.

  • Shotgun – A spray nozzle is attached to a hose and can be used typical structural cleaning, tough concrete washing, and de-coating as well as other cleaning jobs. The nozzle can be a fan, spinner or straight type and comes with a longer rod length of five feet to keep a crew safe during operation.
  • Water Jetting – A larger diameter nozzle spray is used; its tip can be self-propelled to create a more backward water pressure. For tasks at a greater distance, the hose can be coupled with another one for greater length. This method is used for cleaning sewer lines and pipes; a foot-control is used to control the liquid’s high flow.
  • Water Lancing – For cleaning small diameter openings such as bundles, small pipes and heat exchangers, small diameter tubing with spray nozzles attached is required. Just like jetting, a control box is used by operators to control pressure and do multiple lances at one time.
  • Abrasive Cutting – This method uses at least 17,000 PSI, a very high pressure to cut through concrete; with increased pressure, it can cut through steel. Although expensive and slow, this procedure is free from sparks, allowing it to be used where flammable components exist such as cutting the door of a tank, removing old pipes, and other such tasks.
  • High-Impact Washing – This method is used to wash the tanks of vacuum trucks, boilers, etc. to avoid an operator having to enter into the structure. A spinner device can be used to aggressively and thoroughly wash the system. Normally, this method requires at least 10,000 PSI and 100 GPM, as this high volume of liquid is necessary to effectively do such cleaning.

For industries that require many cleaning and washing tasks, it is really an advantage to own vacuum trucks. Besides being able to perform some of the methods referenced above, it is such a handy vehicle since the tools are attached to make going from one work site to another is especially convenient. So consider using a vacuum truck for hydro-blasting jobs!

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