ctsvactruckssmallVacuum trucks are powerful and efficient pieces of heavy-duty commercial equipment. Although basic models come equipped with the features necessary for normal operation, there are many accessories that can be added to further improve the use, safety and efficiency of the vacuum truck. Here are some of the accessories that can greatly improve the work and efficiency of the vehicle.

  • Rear View Camera – Most base vacuum truck models are not equipped with a rear view camera, that is one of the most important safety accessories for any size vehicle. Backing up a large vehicle in a confined space can be very difficult even with the help of a backing sensor or a spotter since the driver will have no visual perspective of the vehicle’s rear side, leading to the damage of surrounding structures or the vehicle itself. With a rear view camera, a driver can see exactly what is behind the vehicle and maneuver accordingly. The rear view digital camera is mounted at the center end of the chassis to give the operator a wide view. A dash mounted monitor displays images from the camera. There are many choices depending on budget. It ranges from black and white to colored, high definition, and even night time applications.
  • Electronic Gauge – Monitoring fluid levels within this truck is crucial and hard to accomplish in real time unless the tank has an electronic gauge installed. Fluid monitoring is important since it helps an operator determine how much fluid has already been collected, when to stop suctioning and when to dump the load. An electronic gauge can make this important feature more convenient. The sensors can be installed inside the waste tank and fresh water tanks, while the display gauges can be installed on the dashboard or even on an exterior control panel for convenience.
  • Remote Control Panel – During this truck’s operation, an operator must monitor the suction line at all times, making it very inconvenient and unsafe to rely on on-board controls alone. The remote control panel is mobile and gives an operator control over equipment even while operating the suction line. It also offers the ability to initiate emergency shut down during an unplanned event.
  • Tank Agitator – Unloading sediment that has settled to the bottom of a tank can be a laborious and time-consuming process. It can slow down operation, wasting time and resources. This scenario can be eliminated though with a tank agitator that helps keep solids afloat for easy unloading.
  • LED Safety LightingVacuum trucks commonly operate at road sides suctioning debris and fluids from sewage and drainage lines. Although basically hard to miss due to their size, actual presence at a location can still pose a danger of collision from any area traffic especially at dusk. To improve a vehicle’s safety, LED lights can be added on different sides of the equipment to make it more visible especially during night working hours.

Safety and efficiency are two critical elements that must not be overlooked in a vacuum truck and can be enhanced with these accessories and features. Although some of them do require a financial investment, any cost will eventually be recovered with the improvement of a truck’s safety and efficiency. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information regarding the various ways to accessorize a vacuum truck!

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