OrangeBlackKenworth 003smallThe demanding job of pumping waste water and cleaning sewers requires good equipment, the right type of vacuum truck to handle the job and not cost so much as to yield only a modest profit. Manufacturers are consequently producing new and improved versions, focusing on producing a machine that can work faster, better, and more safely. Following are some highlights about the economic development of these vehicles and the effort of manufacturers to produce the most efficient, powerful and safe equipment available.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand are the two main economic components that affect the direction of almost every industry. Profit has always been affected by consumer demand because when demand is lower, companies may need to limit operations which in turn lessens the need for industries that engage in cleaning and pumping services. Scheduled maintenance jobs are also deferred because of tightened budgets. With a lower demand, contractors need to boost productivity when confronted with the pressure to get projects done faster and in a safe manner without increasing prices.

Job Time

Changes in the economy have caused businesses to lower prices for provided services, which is not good news for most sewage contractors who then need to complete more jobs per day to be profitable. With low prices and high competition, contractors must have the right equipment with high performance accessories. Newer vacuum truck nozzles are now available, designed to efficiently clean storm water and sewer pipes. These newer nozzles use a high-pressure pump together with jet streams to produce a super-charged water flow. This high-pressure flow has a big impact in decreasing the total time it takes to clear such pipes.


Engaging in a project without the right accessories is going to war with the wrong artillery. Lack of appropriate accessories could delay a project. Not having enough hose at a work site may mean an operator would have to request that an additional length be sent or have to go back to get the right hose length. Some of the manufacturers promote vacuum technology with state-of-the-art features. Modular designed tools have fascinating features that are heavy duty, efficient and low maintenance. One example of such features is a machine that can tell operators what is needed for a particular task, such as the correct body size or proper count of bag housing and separators, among other helpful features.


The manual operation of high-pressure water devices carries a high risk of operator injury. To eliminate or lower such risks, manufacturers have developed automated tooling. This feature promotes safety and provides an operator with maximum water flow efficiency by offering a wider range of plunger configurations. These automated tools can be safely held with confidence.

The current economic status demands that those in the vacuum truck industry find great ways to lead in economic development. This is very important in maximizing efficiency and productivity without compromising safety. The economy is definitely directing the development of these efficient vehicles more than ever!

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