Most vacuum trucks are complete units with one large tank and pump and are expensive. They are great for a company that needs to pump thousands of gallons every day; however, not every user needs so much volume. For those who need a smaller tank, an increasingly popular option is a slide-in, compact tank and pump unit. Although not ideal for bigger jobs, many businesses are finding smaller units the perfect addition to their fleets.

Slide-In Vacuum Truck Tank Units

Ranging between 100 and 750 gallons for easy carrying by standard-sized trucks, slide-in vacuum tanks are a great choice found at vacuum truck sales for a full-sized volume vacuum tank is not needed. These compact units consist of a tank on a frame that slides in and bolts comfortably to the back of most standard, full-size bed, one-ton pickup trucks. They are available in aluminum, stainless, and regular steel, and have many of the same features as full-sized tanks, including interior compartments for carrying clean water.

Pumps are smaller to match the smaller tank volume and are mounted on top of the units out of the way. Most importantly, compact tank manufacturers specifically build slide-in units to be safely used in standard pickups. They are designed with a low center of gravity to prevent rollovers on vehicles not specifically designed to carry a tank, which is an important safety feature for those looking into vacuum truck sales for smaller needs.

Full-Size Tankers vs. Compact Slide-Ins

For the right buyer considering vacuum truck sales, there are many advantages in buying a compact vacuum tank, with price being the most significant one. A regular vacuum truck costs significantly more than a regular pickup truck with a compact tank added. A good used pickup can be readily purchased; with the addition of a slide-in, compact tank, the truck can retain its utility, since the tank can be removed at any time.

An average, full-size vacuum truck usually starts with a 1,000 gallon tank and goes up to 5,000 gallons for the largest vehicles. They are designed for a full-service vacuum truck company with the need for high volume tankers. Actually, there are many times when a smaller tank would be more efficient, especially on a standard pickup. When considering vacuum truck sales, this is where compact vacuum tanks shine, since they are great for companies that service both large and small clients or need to get into smaller spaces for certain jobs.

Compact tanks allow new or small companies to service to clients while building a business to support the purchase of a full-sized vacuum truck. For others who only service portable toilets and smaller customers and don’t intend to grow beyond that, these slide-in tanks are efficient and profitable on a smaller scale.

Compact, slide-in vacuum tanks offer good options, whether a small business owner with small units or a company adding onto a full-sized fleet. When considering vacuum truck sales, they are affordable, efficient, and don’t cost as much as a full-size vacuum truck. Any start-up company can consider their options here!

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