Vacuum_Truck_SaleSearching for a contractor for septic system installation or repair can be a daunting task. A contractor must be able to handle the work for a reasonable cost while avoiding all potential risks that are present when such a job is performed. Such a contractor must have proper equipment such as a septic truck purchased at a vacuum truck sale, proper licensing, adequate insurance, and trained workers. One of the best ways to locate the right contractor for a particular septic system job is to request for bids on a project. That requires knowing how the bidding process works and how to solicit good yet reasonable bids for such a project.

Types of Bidding

There are many types of bidding when it comes to construction or septic system projects, including: competitive, negotiated, and cost-plus.

  • Competitive – This type of bidding seeks two or three contractors to bid on a project, each one submitting individual price cost proposals. Typically, the lowest price is chosen; however, other factors to be perhaps equally important is quality of work, years of experience, and the projected time schedule for the project, all of which may be more important than just the cost.
  • Negotiated – With this type of bidding, one contractor is typically selected and a negotiated price is agreed to by both parties. This process can be financially satisfying, especially if the contractor is already known and there is no question as to the quality of work that will be done. Yet there are times when competitive bidding makes the best sense. Negotiated bidding does allow for greater control of the project including cost and time.
  • Cost-Plus – This is a very flexible arrangement where payment is based on the quality of the work that is done and the materials that are used once the project is completed. It allows for more changes to be requested as the work is done without fear of facing some type of penalty payment for such an action. It is commonly recognized that the contractor will mark up the cost of the material that is used as part of the entire compensation package. Of course, final costs are not known until the project is completed, making it difficult to impossible to know how much will actually be spent for the job.

Soliciting Bids

Since competitive bidding is the most common project negotiation, following are recommendations that should be included with any submitted bid to eliminate any risks from the job itself as well as being able to have a realistic estimate of the project cost so the best contractor can be chosen.

  • Similar Bids for Similar Work – Bids must always be for the same extent of work and include the same system components. Request that a design plan be submitted ahead of time for comparison of all bids that are received. One bid may be higher because it covers more work than any others may have included. Be sure that any proposal includes specific information of any materials needed for a job, both to compare prices and to be sure that the proper items have been included according to job specifications.
  • Bid Must Be All-Inclusive – Be sure that the installation procedure, cost, and payment schedule are clearly specified in the bid, including any property restoration that may necessarily be required as a part of the project, such as shrub or tree removal and relocation in order to accommodate a new septic system.

Bidding on a septic system project is the best way to ensure a high quality outcome at an affordable price. There are three types of bidding that can be used for septic system installation, repair or pumping and it is important to choose the one that can provide more benefits in terms of the price and work quality. The services of a contractor are often enhanced by purchasing from a vacuum truck sale to properly handle the installation, repair, and pumping of septic systems. Soliciting bids from several contractors will always be a wise choice and most likely result in excellent service at an affordable price!

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