The most effective way to eliminate some of the myths regarding sewer clean-up is to learn the truth about various techniques and operation methods of the vacuum truck. Before attending a vacuum truck sale, it is important to learn about the two kinds of pumping machines – the centrifugal fan and the positive displacement (PD), each of which contribute to the efficiency of the vehicle’s operation.

Understanding how both work can help avoid purchasing the wrong type of equipment.

  • Centrifugal Fan – The centrifugal fan is often perceived as not capable of suctioning under-water material, which is not true. At its rated lifting performance, it can remove waste material even under water. In fact, it can move solids and liquids either horizontally or vertically over one hundred feet; however, when the fluid level is greater than 16.67 feet, it is necessary to use a specialized nozzle for more air movement.
  • Positive Displacement – PD equipment is often mistakenly believed capable of pumping material or water regardless of depth or distance, which is definitely a misconception. It has a limit as to lifting capabilities; however, it can still work very well over a long distance in the horizontal vacuuming of thick materials, sludge, and liquids.

Pump Origin

In 1860, the concept of a positive displacement pump originated; it was a wooden water wheel made and was more efficient in performing various tasks. This particular PD tool was installed in a river or stream which allowed water to flow over it, causing the rotors to turn the shaft, which generated power. From this came the idea to move a huge amount of air using a PD tool, leading to the invention of blowers. Blowers have rotors that force air into a furnace; as the RPM’s are increased, so is the temperature of the fire. This early concept was the origin of the first positive displacement pumps utilized by vacuum trucks.

Another type of suctioning apparatus was adapted from grain-moving machinery. In 1960, the original tool for moving grain had a cyclone, airlock, and piping to suction material with a centrifugal fan powered by a diesel engine. It was intended to load grain into shipping containers through the use of cyclones. This made the task more efficient, as without such apparatus it could take three to seven days of loading and unloading.

Internal Mechanism

Positive displacement machines have grown in popularity; almost seventy percent of the vehicles purchased from a vacuum truck sale are equipped with this type of vacuum mechanism. It is usually built with two lobes in opposite directions and covered with cast steel. Each of the lobes traps a certain amount of air depending on rotation and are also equipped with relief valves to protect the internal components from damage.

A centrifugal type of device has rotating fan blades for air compression and is capable of lifting a column of water when set at its most powerful configurations. Both with or without air induction and at its rated lift operation, it is fully capable of vacuuming underwater material.

Any equipment purchased at a vacuum truck sale, regardless of its pumping system, can work well even if not under water. It is a good idea to learn about such heavy-duty machines in order to vanquish any myths that could otherwise making a proper decision about which type is best for business needs to get work done quickly and efficiently!

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