Among the myriad of problems the United States is facing today, an important one is the high cost of petroleum products. Contrary to what most environmentalists believe, the current high costVacuum_Truck_Sale of petroleum is not due to waning fuel resources but rather to the high cost of crude oil being imported from other nations. The United States isn’t short of natural fuel reserves; in fact there’s plenty of supply concentrated around Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s merely a matter of tapping into the reserves to utilize it and a vacuum truck sale has a key role in that.

A Repeating History of Gas Crunches

The high cost of petroleum products isn’t relatively new. Throughout the history of the United States, the country has experienced several episodes of gas problems and shortages. The first one experienced was in 1973 when the members of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) imposed an oil embargo. The year 2000 also saw soaring oil prices due to circumstances in the market that were beyond any country’s control.

Amount of Natural Gas

One of the most abundant types of natural fuel available on American soil is natural gas. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), there’s an estimated 2.587 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas beneath the U.S. Accessing this new supply of fuel could drastically drop down the current fuel prices.

Future National Energy Goals

In an effort to alleviate the high cost of petroleum products here in the U.S., and to eventually eliminate dependency on foreign oil; as of March 30, 2011 President Barak Obama has set a goal to reduce the U.S. overall dependency on foreign fuel oil by one third by the year 2025. With the amount of natural gas that is available in the U.S., drastically reducing dependency on foreign oil is highly feasible.

Role of Vacuum Trucks

As the county’s political leaders have turned their eyes towards local fuel resources, a vacuum truck sale has an important role to fulfill. Much of the country’s natural gas reserves are located onshore. This means oil companies will have to drill on land to get to the precious gas and drilling onshore does have certain environmental concerns. In order for drilling to continue smoothly, water will have to be continuously flushed along the hole to lubricate and cool down the drilling rods. The mix of water and fine soil can create silt that if left untouched would make the drilling site slippery. It could also find its way into natural bodies of water and carry the potential to cause pollution.

To prevent any environmental damage and to keep the workplace safe, the vacuum truck is the equipment that is tasked to remove drilling mud that is produced when drilling for gas. The vacuum truck is capable of suctioning liquids of various viscosities including drilling mud and solid debris like rock.

All suctioned materials are stored securely on the truck’s tank. The suctioned materials are then transported and disposed in safe areas such as sump pits and treatment plants where it cannot cause any contamination. Depending on the type of liquid being disposed, uncontaminated liquids can also be disposed of by spreading it out on fields.

As the country focuses on utilizing its natural gas resources in the coming years, a vacuum truck purchased through a vacuum truck sale will play a vital role in the safe extraction of natural gas, so Americans can experience relief from the currently high fuel cost without polluting and damaging American soil!