Vacuum_Truck_SaleVacuum trucks play a huge role in cleaning and transporting materials, both toxic and non-toxic. In most cases, they are utilized to vacuum and transport oily water, septic waste, sludge, grease, mud, sand and other types of material for disposal.

The powerful vacuum truck is also used for emergency cleanups and response operations. This versatile piece of equipment is available at the nearest vacuum truck sale location. It comes in various sizes and specifications depending on any distinct needs to help a business function efficiently and effectively. The vacuum truck’s capabilities range from hazardous material and oil cleanups to municipality maintenance and emergency rescues.

Specifically, wet and dry vacuum trucks are utilized in the following industries.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – Pharmaceutical companies are one of the fastest growing industries in the world; unfortunately, they produce tons of biomedical waste. Due to the danger to human and environmental health, such hazardous waste cannot be discarded as easily as other less harmful waste. This waste requires special handling to discard the material properly without causing damage to the environment.
  • Food Manufacturers – Wet and dry vacuum trucks are very effective in removing residual waste from processes performed by food manufacturers. The food industry produces a significant amount of waste at their factories. To address this problem, vacuum trucks are deployed to expedite the cleaning process. Substances such as grease clog drains, so any accumulation of grease created in the food industry also requires the aid of a vacuum truck to be safely disposed.
  • Automotive Manufacturers – In the United States, the largest polluter is the automotive industry. The equipment and machines used to assemble vehicles requires hydraulic fluid, oils and grease to move its parts. Removing this waste manually is quite difficult, so the use of vacuum trucks is deemed necessary to effectively pump out the waste and safely transport it to treatment facilities without impeding the normal business operation.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Whatever use vacuum trucks may serve, it is vital to understand pneumatic system maintenance. Pneumatic systems fail mainly because of poor maintenance, an unfavorable environment, and improper installation. The capability of pneumatic pumps to supply pressure is affected by leaks in the hoses that make the pumps work harder to supply the needed pressure.

Another source of premature failure in most vacuum pumps is fluid contamination. Most of the vacuum pumps today depend on a dry environment to function properly. Lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid and water can deteriorate parts of dry pumps.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Trucks

Among the powerful equipment designed for wet and dry applications is the ground breaking development of vacuum trucks. Municipal or industrial vacuum trucks are equipped with a powerful hydraulic pump system that can effectively finish the job in a short period of time. They are innovatively engineered and configured to match the ever-increasing demand of waste management.

Anyone in need of a wet and dry vacuum truck can visit the nearest vacuum truck sale in the area to acquire this equipment. If the requirements of a job are to pump both wet and dry material, industrial vacuum trucks are the best option because they are equipped with powerful pumps for effective cleanups!