Vacuum_Truck_SalesIs your septic company expanding and a vacuum truck sale adventure is in your future? There is some important information that any buyer needs to know about vacuum trucks and how to find a great truck and big savings at the same time.

When the best tank is combined with a powerful pump system, the net result is a great piece of equipment that offers efficiency and safety on every job. The information being presented here is not lengthy, not even a secret, and it is definitely not another “Vacuum Trucks for Dummies” book! Following is some information that will help in the search for the best vacuum truck sale that can be found.

Tank Information

There are various types of tanks available with a vacuum truck sale and the two most common ones are made of stainless steel and aluminum. The tank may have features such as: a full-opening rear door; vibrator and mounted hoist cylinder; and tank capacity ranging from 500 to 7,000 gallons or more.

Beside the cylindrical-type tank, there is also available a rectangular vacuum tank. The rectangular tank usually holds liquid waste and is configurable to hold other liquid material such as oil.

Other tanks have access options which include man-ways either on the top, rear or a top-rear combination. Tank access ladders may be available on one side; others may have it on both sides; and still other tanks have installed a top walkway with a safety enclosure.

Pump System

The best pump system is a system that will fit on the truck and tank that is chosen. Here are several advanced vacuum pump system features that can be selected during a vacuum truck sales process.

  • Pump system with tank liquid level indicator
  • Ultrasonic level system that shows tank levels of liquid or solid hauled materials
  • PTO or hydraulically-driven pump
  • Rotary vane vacuum pumps and high vacuum blowers
  • Iron impellers
  • High temperature airflow seals
  • Single mode filtration that allows loading of wet or dry materials with no changeover
  • Reverse air pulsation system

Additional Features

Below are some of the advanced features to add during the vacuum truck sale process.

  • Lightweight material for tank since weight can become an issue when transporting non-hazardous oil and other materials. Required weight can be achieved through the unit’s shell thickness and chassis.
  • Aluminum, stainless and carbon steel hose trays.
  • Deflector for rear spray.
  • Hydraulic door locks
  • High pressure wash system
  • Enclosed hot water burner system
  • GPS

Operator Requirements

Vacuum truck units should only be operated by properly trained professionals. These operators should be certified to perform safe work procedures; be knowledgeable about and able to recognize onsite hazards; and abides by driving policies. Operators and the field crew are the backbone of a vacuum truck business; they are the frontline of the exceptional service offered to all clients, so choosing the best for each position is very important.

Getting information about the vacuum truck sale procedure is important to knowing how to best shop for great vacuum trucks. Locate the most reliable fleet of vacuum trucks in the market and with them provide the highest quality service to your clients!