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Promoting safety when operating commercial vehicles is an essential responsibility of any company to employees and the general public. Vacuum trucks have the ability to cause severe injury or even death if not operated with caution. So when looking at a vacuum truck sale to purchase used units for use in the septic industry, it is valuable to know all safety procedures and standards – and use them at all times to prevent accidents.

Safety Value of Operator Education

All industrial equipment comes with safety information and recommended protocols for operation and maintenance; manufacturers want to be sure that risks are identified and properly acknowledged. OSHA also provides safety information for vacuum truck operators on how to handle equipment, spills, and other issues.

Besides such outlets for safety information, many industries provide training and videos for operators to learn and understand safety concerns by example. One of the main safety issues with vacuum trucks is correct driving, as high speed or improper turns can cause a serious flip-over accident. Provided by the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC), the goal of such videos and other material is to further impress upon vacuum truck drivers the care that is necessary when working with and driving the vehicles.

Safety Value of Proper Maintenance

Anyone attending a vacuum truck sale looking for fleet units would want to know the maintenance history of the trucks being sold as past maintenance records could indicate any important problems. Skipping scheduled maintenance can save money; however, it can also cause undue wear and tear on equipment and leave it susceptible to breakdown, malfunction, and unsafe conditions. Whether used or new, regular maintenance and daily inspections on vacuum trucks is the main way to discover any mechanical concerns with the vehicle, pumps, or any other parts.

Other Safety Tips

While knowing and practicing all safety measures and keeping fleet vehicles well maintained are the more substantial ways to remain safe when operating vacuum trucks, there are other things that should be done as well. Fatigue and complacency when driving can be dangerous; it is vital for operators to always be alert and attentive when operating these vehicles to prevent any type of road accident. Chemical reactions can be avoided by keeping track of what was in the tank previously, which can be dangerous for anyone near the vehicle. Monitoring operations to know about any problems with pumps, hoses and loading or unloading actions will provide enough time to react to a potential problem before the chance of a spill.

Keeping up with new regulations and safety instructions and providing incentives for safe driving to prevent accidents will see a high-quality return from such efforts. Anyone who drives a tank truck, even if simply trying one out at a vacuum truck sale, should understand the vehicle’s limitations, how it should be handled, and all safety concerns will definitely contribute to an effort of saving loads – and lives – on vacuum trucks!

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