Vacuum Truck SaleVacuum trucks are considered by many to be an engineering marvel. Air movers can suction as much as 6,000 square feet of air in under a minute and newer designs allow for a much higher rate. Despite the technological innovations that have been added to this vehicle, there will always be more room to improve the functioning of a standard model. Here are some of the interesting accessories that could help in the overall performance, reliability, and functioning of the vehicles found at a vacuum truck sale.

  • Digital Tank Monitor – Monitoring a holding tank’s content is important to efficient operations. Driving miles to a disposal facility when the tank is not completely filled can increase operating costs, although overfilling beyond a tank’s limit can also create the same inefficiency. A digital tank monitor can handle this problem; it is installed inside the tank to read the actual content level and provide a real time reading on its dashboard display. This monitor can help eliminate the need to physically look into the tank to check content level.
  • Agitator – A recurring problem when vacuuming wet debris is when solid material settles at the bottom of the tank, making it difficult to unload and sometimes even requiring an actual shovel to get rid of the remaining muck. With an agitator in place, such a problem can be avoided. This is a mechanical device that continuously swirls any debris inside the tank, keeping solids afloat so that during tank emptying, all content is removed.
  • Remote Control – Having to switch hands from vacuum line to control panel can be time consuming and dangerous, which is why having equipment controls readily available is very convenient. With a remote control, all essential equipment functions such as dumping, boom positioning, and vacuum level adjustment can be done remotely and safely.
  • Smart Phone – Having a smart phone on board the cab is another good accessory. Checking email, bookings, directions, ordering supplies, data logging and calling can be done with a single device.
  • Backing Sensor and Camera – Backing a large vacuum truck can be a very dangerous task, often having to back up in very narrow passage-ways in order to correctly position the vehicle so hoses can reach the area to be vacuumed. With only a limited view from the side mirrors, having a back up sensor and camera installed behind the truck can make rear movement of a huge truck safer and quicker. A live view from the rear of the truck provided by the camera connects to a display on the dashboard for viewing. The proximity sensor displays the proximity of objects behind the truck like radar would; so if a sensor detects a nearby object, an alarm is triggered on the dash. The strength level of the alarm varies depending upon the distance of the sensor to the distance of the obstruction.

The safety and functionality of vehicles found at a vacuum truck sale can be greatly improved with optional accessories and can pay for themselves in just a few uses thanks to increasing work efficiency!

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