ctsvactruckssmallHaving the right equipment for a job is essential, no matter what that job may be. When using vacuum trucks, not only does the pump need to be up to the task but the tank, engine and whole unit as well. Depending on what is pumped, how much material is moved, and the dumping location for a load, these vehicles may need to be specially equipped to provide safe, long-lasting service. When considering buying from a dealer or a vacuum truck sale, it is important to be completely aware of vehicle requirements and work environments to find the right truck for the job.

Analyze the Job

Whenever preparing for jobs above and beyond what is typically needed, conduct an honest analysis of the job requirements to know whether standard vehicles can actually handle that work task. Getting to and from construction sites can be one of the biggest concerns since not every vehicle is made to handle bad roads, steep hills, and narrow, winding roads where some sites like fracking one are generally located.

The biggest issue facing the use of equipment in these situations is that difficult terrain and conditions causes the equipment to suffer from excessive stress and strain on the engine, transmission, axles, and all other mechanical systems. Loaded down, these trucks may be hauling hundreds of thousands of pounds and need to be built to withstand the weight that they will carry and unpredictable road conditions to and from a work site.

Custom-Built Truck

Whenever looking at a vacuum truck sale for a more specialized unit, especially for off-road or any mechanically stressful conditions, purchasing should be approached from a realistic standpoint of perhaps needing a custom-built version to meet all needs. Building according to the job is more expensive; however, it provides the right equipment to get the job done by providing the necessary power and peace of mind about loading the trucks and then transporting that load to the designated dumping location.

Trucks outfitted for drilling and fracking in rural areas are a great example of when trucks need to be built for a specific purpose. These extra heavy-duty units have fortified braking systems, heavy-duty frames, reinforced axles with higher load capacity, and heavy-duty transmissions to name a few of the general upgrades.

Durable, high performance engines and larger radiators are almost always necessary for customized units as well as heavy-duty chassis and body parts. In addition to these modifications, vacuum trucks are generally outfitted with heavy-duty blowers and higher capacity tanks because of being used to bring large volumes of water to job sites that is suctioned up and hauled away as waste water afterward.

Ordering specialized equipment must be planned in advance as it can take from six weeks to six months for a modified unit no matter how urgently it is needed. Standard equipment will not adequately handle severe work requirements and can break down, creating both unsafe operating conditions and extra costs for towing and repairs. The best thing to do when looking for a vacuum truck for extreme usage conditions is to consider a custom-built unit to handle the job; a good used unit can be purchased and retrofitted to be more durable. Before contemplating such heavy work, make the commitment to purchase the right heavy-duty equipment!

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