vacuum_truck_saleA grease trap is a vital component for restaurants and food service kitchens, a structure built specifically to hold the grease that is in other liquid kitchen waste. Without this trap, grease from commercial kitchens would go straight to sewer lines where it could build up and cause blockage as well as harm to any downstream water. The trap is only a passage way for water containing the grease; however, sludge can eventually accumulate, slow down the water flow, and eventually cause complete blockage of any drain water movement. So it is important to collect such accumulated sludge regularly, which is why vacuum trucks found at a vacuum truck sale work to remove sludge from the trap.

Vacuum Truck Function

A vacuum truck such as one found at a vacuum truck sale is ideal for cleaning the trap. The collected sludge is thick and usually mixed with sediment and other solid kitchen residue, making cleanup a messy task. The versatile pumper truck can speed up the cleaning process because it is equipped with a large and powerful pump.

The pump is a device equipped with steel vanes and driven by the truck’s diesel engine. During operation, rotation of the steel vanes creates a massive negative pressure on the pumps intake, allowing for the suctioning of various types of liquids, semi-solids, and even dry brick debris. Negative pressure from the on-board pump is transmitted via a hose to the location of the debris to be removed.

After all the grease and sediment has been removed, the trap can be further cleaned using the truck’s on-board supply of water from its freshwater tanks. Water is delivered via a high pressure pump with enough force to remove tough dirt and grime sticking along the walls and lid of the trap. The contents suctioned go straight to the vacuum truck’s holding tank where it is collected and transported to an appropriate disposal facility.


Using the vacuum truck is an ideal means of cleaning commercial grease traps. The job can be done quickly due to the vacuum truck’s high velocity suction power, which reduces the inconvenience of not being able to use the sink. It is also a cost effective option for commercial establishments such as restaurants that require frequent cleanup to reduce delays otherwise caused by blockage.

Using the equipment for cleaning also reduces exposure to hazardous kitchen waste. Grease traps are an ideal place for bacteria to grow, posting a health risk if handled directly. The use of a vacuum truck reduces the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous liquids since no direct human contact is required during the cleaning operation.

Grease trap cleaning can be much easier by using a vacuum truck that is well suited for fast and thorough functioning as well as safe disposal of the collected grease. For those companies looking for expansion possibilities after purchasing from a vacuum truck sale, careful consideration should be given to the benefits of using a vacuum truck for grease trap cleanup – and keep those drains and restaurant facilities open!

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