vacuum truck saleA septic removal services business can be a profitable business under most circumstances, which has caused many septic companies to look for a used vacuum truck sale to expand the business. It is unfortunate that difficult economic times can really test any business model. As a result, it is rather evident that it will be vital to be creative in order to stay in business.

It will no longer be enough to retain clients for septic service; it has become vital to be proactive in offering new services in order to attract new clients in order to keep the business profitable. Basically, expanding the amount of different services offered will certainly help to attract a greater influx of work.

Expand Skills

The key to generating more revenue is to expand skills in order to offer more services. Operating a vacuum service is a handy skill to have; however, anyone with the right equipment can do the same job without too much effort, resulting in many competitors who can offer the same services in a limited market. This usually creates a business climate favorable to customers who will then shop around for the lowest price and no longer feel a sense of loyalty to their original septic services company. That means new clients will need to be found – or something different will need to be offered to old clients to retain their business.

This leaves an existing service feeling that costs must be sacrificed to attract clients, which is not a wise long-term strategy either. Compromising cost will require a sacrifice in service quality or face decreased revenue. By expanding an existing skill base, it is possible to bring in new clients and even retain the old ones. Vacuum services may seem to offer a limited job base, while the truth is that there are many opportunities that exist.

Offer Comprehensive Service

Think about becoming a one stop shop for all services related to septic systems. Instead of offering one single dish on the septic services menu, why not give clients a smorgasbord of services designed to fit all of their needs.

  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning – Sewer and drain cleaning is a service that is closely related to normal vacuum truck services. The municipal sewage system usually hires operators to do this kind of job; however, this job can also be done for private homes and businesses as well. Training for this venture would be less difficult for those already with the training and knowledge in sewer and drain systems.
  • System Installation – Installing new septic systems is an effective way to gain new long-term clients for system maintenance. Installing a septic system requires working knowledge of how the system works.
  • System Maintenance and Upgrade – There are many other problems that can happen with septic systems, all of which may need repair or replacement as well. Cracked tanks, blocked lines, aging structures that need replacement, and system maintenance are just some of the problems that could occur.
  • Portable Sanitation – Cleaning portable toilets is another money-making opportunity for vacuum truck companies. The good thing about this service is that it is required on a regular basis which creates a recurring revenue base.

Offer Customer-Oriented Service

Instead of carrying just one type of service, being able to deliver multiple services is one way of conveying to clients that their needs are important. By offering existing clients something other than what is normally provided shows a concern for client needs and what is important to them.

Expanding skills in the septic service industry can be lucrative enough to warrant looking for another vacuum truck sale to help open up opportunities and generate more revenue. The equipment is already available and the opportunity is as well. The only thing missing are the skills required to turn opportunities into revenues!

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