Vac trucks are not cheap; for many businesses, used and reconditioned vac trucks for sale are an attractive option for building a good fleet. There are many good, pre-owned units available from an experienced used vac trucks company, with years of service remaining. Purchasing a sound truck, for a great price, requires knowing how to inspect vac trucks in order to judge their condition and ensure they are equipped to handle the work required of them. To get the best truck from a vacuum trucks supplier, be sure to pay close attention to these areas - chassis, tank, and pump - which comprise the main components of every vacuum truck.

Important Chassis Selection Points

Truck chassis come in different sizes, lengths, and different equipment, meaning they must be well-suited for the job in order to provide the best service. Consider the following facts when choosing vac trucks, and ensure they correspond to how the truck will be used:

  • Transmission - Automatic or manual transmission is the obvious question, although transmission strength and durability are essential options as well. Based on the amount of weight vac trucks may carry when full, it is important to have a transmission that is strong and durable for all stops, starts, and maneuvering whether loaded or unloaded.

  • Front Axle Rating - It may seem as if a lower, 8,000 lb. axle should be right, considering most of the weight in new or reconditioned vac trucks for sale is carried on the rear axles. Yet, when the truck is full, the load redistributes. Stick with the higher, 10,000 lb. axle to reduce the chance of ever needing to replace it.

Choose the Right Vacuum Tank

The best way to select a truck with the right tank is knowing how the truck will be used and if the tank size and construction is a good match for that use. Steel, stainless, and aluminum tanks are all preferred for a variety of jobs, based on weight, anti-corrosive properties, and durability against damage - so choose wisely. A used truck, purchased from a vacuum trucks supplier, with a great price and an aluminum tank, may not be such a bargain if the intended truck usage might damage the tank and have to replaced. On the other hand, if the job will cause little tank damage and weight is a bigger concern, then an aluminum tank could be the right choice.

Pumps - The Heart of the Matter

Vac truck work efficiency depends on pump type and how it fits the tank size. There are many factors involved in choosing the right pump for the job, so doing some homework before shopping at a new or used vac trucks company is important to select the right one. Pump power and capacity must be matched to tank size; different types of tanks such as steel or aluminum affect pump requirements. Weighing what job requirements against what is recommended based on the truck’s actual equipment is essential.

A careful combination of chassis, tank, and pump will yield the best vac trucks, ones that are durable, efficient, and offer long-lasting service. By paying careful attention to these three main components when buying used or reconditioned vac trucks for sale, a truck that will be well-matched for the job can be found. Working with an experienced vacuum trucks supplier or used vac trucks company means having a knowledgeable company that will help buyers find the right vac trucks for job needs - which will yield a used equipment at the right price!

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