Like many other work trucks, vac trucks for sale can be purchased with either an automatic transmission or a manual one. Some companies in the market for used vacuum trucks for sale may wonder which transmission is better and what truck they should buy. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to discuss the advantages of each type with a knowledgeable used vacuum service trucks provider. Research strongly supports that when it comes to vac trucks, automatic transmissions provide important benefits. Following are some reasons why.

Easier to Use and Harder to Damage

Fewer people today know how to drive a standard transmission, which creates a problem for companies with vehicles that don’t require a CDL. Teaching drivers how to drive a standard is always an option; however, like anything else, doing so proficiently takes practice which you really don’t want don on the job. Poor manual shifting is damaging to a used vacuum truck, tiring to the driver, and often increases safety concerns because of problematic driving. Automatics are easier to use, which allows drivers to concentrate on safe driving and vehicle operation. It also helps prevent transmission damage over time caused by bad shifting. An automatic does cost more; however, the cost is recovered in reduced repairs and better, more attentive driving.

Offers Better Fuel Economy

Partly due to the concern mentioned above, automatic transmissions on work trucks, such as used vacuum trucks for sale, frequently means better fuel economy. While this is sometimes the exact opposite of passenger cars and larger, heavier vehicles, this class and size of work truck actually benefits. Stop and go traffic with drivers unskilled in manual transmissions ends up wasting fuel. With recent improvements in automatic transmission technology, greater fuel efficiency is achieved with “thinking” transmissions that can adjust themselves in various ways depending on driving conditions, such as the load on the engine or transmission, speed, stop-and-go, and other aspects. This takes the decision making out of the hands of the driver.

Reduces Operator Fatigue

Operator fatigue is an important concern, along with vehicle damage and fuel efficiency. Tired operators make more mistakes that reduces profitability. Shifting a standard transmission all day in a used vacuum truck can become very tedious, and downright dangerous if it causes carelessness. Some standard transmissions on used vacuum service trucks are difficult for some drivers to properly operate, increasing “clutch riding” and poor shifting. Stopping and starting on inclines is even more challenging, requiring good coordination and driver strength. Prolonged driving in stop-and-go conditions can cause strains and muscle soreness after long periods. Automatic transmissions avoid all of this, allowing an operator to do their job, which requires attention to detail.

While used vacuum trucks found for sale equipped with automatics are usually more expensive, they are also more in demand – and for good reason. A used vacuum service trucks provider usually has no trouble selling vac trucks with automatic transmissions because they are easier to drive and more cost-effective in the long run. Companies searching for good vac trucks for sale should consider the various benefits and how the increased price adds up to less maintenance, safer operation, better fuel economy, and greater profits overall!

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