When it comes to great innovations in the world of work trucks, it is hard to beat the hydroexcavator. Using a delicate combination of suction, and water under high pressure, these vac trucks for sale have revolutionized sensitive digging operations. Combining precision control and great power, more construction companies are relying on the effective performance of the hydroexcavator for tricky jobs requiring extra safety measures.

Hydroexcavators – Delicate Digging

Hyroexcavators are one of the most sophisticated vac trucks found for sale. They combine the best features of a regular vacuum truck with an industrial pressure hose to create a very powerful, yet efficient, digging tool. This method surpasses the ability of any other digging equipment on jobs where extra care must be taken to avoid breaking delicate pipes, underground wires, or anything that could be damaged with regular, less precise machinery. Since preventing accidents is always a major concern, hydroexcavation is the safest option.

How Do Hydroexcavators Work?

Hydroexcavation – digging and soil removal done with pressurized water – is a two-part process that is very efficient when done correctly. Water is initially pumped under high pressure through a small hose with a nozzle to erode away the soil. An operator controls the nozzle as it works to dislodge dirt and other material. During this procedure, another larger tube is submerged into the same hole to suction water and loosened soil from the work site. It is either vacuumed into the tank of vac trucks, or dumped in a waste container.

Safety With Hydroexcavation

Digging holes and trenches with a hydroexacvator is not a luxurious use for vac trucks for sale – it offers more safety than any other method for work near live wires, buried gas, and buried plumbing lines. Hand digging does not offer such precision, which is the main reason why a company not already using one of these machines for potholing and other small, detailed work should be. Accidents caused by digging can be deadly; the hydroexcavator nearly eliminates such risk while putting greater control into the hands of the operator.

When done correctly, hydroexcavation is the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method of digging. If trucks are outfitted with the right pumps, and the vacuum can be adjusted for the amount of water and soil it suctions from the digging site, water usage can be kept to a minimum. That same soil can be used to refill the hole when the work is done. This procedure does require a good understanding of vac truck pumps, as incorrect waste consistency when suctioned could require more water and prevent easy recycling of waste soil.

There is a necessary learning period to develop the proper skills to use these specialized vac trucks for sale. Once such skills have been acquired, hydroexcavator operators provide an important service for construction, oilfield, and utility crews – which is the main reason for the growing popularity of this digging method. With more efficiency, greater safety, and environmental friendliness, contractors should put down their shovels, park the backhoes, and call a hydroexcavation service for all intricate digging jobs!

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