Hybrid vacuum trucks are a special type of heavy-duty commercial vehicles that uses either a diesel or gasoline internal combustion engine along with an electric motor. The design offers numerous benefits over an internal combustion engine alone, such as reduced engine wear, reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and reduced noise pollution. Despite such benefits, there are a few obstacles as to why a hybrid vac truck for sale moves at a slower pace.

  • Initial Unit Cost – Hybrid technology uses battery packs along with an electric motor in addition to the internal combustion engine. Due to the addition of current technologies, hybrid equipment like a tank truck for sale cost as much as 25% more than its standard counterpart. The higher cost is the first hurdle to the wide use of this technology, often discouraging the purchase of one of these vehicles because of the significant amount of the equipment’s cost.
  • Fluctuating Fuel Cost – The major reason for the invention of a hybrid tank truck along with other commercial truck equipment was the high cost of gasoline. Although fuel cost is still generally high, there are times when it does fluctuate, making the idea of investing in a hybrid unit appear impractical.
  • Reliable Technology – The hybrid technology is a rather new innovation in the realm of the commercial trucking industry, leading to many doubts as to the reliability of such technology. Commercial industries are often hesitant to take major risks about necessary equipment as it could mean serious losses if the technology failed. Being in its infancy, there are questions as to whether this technology can deliver what it promises and maintain reliability.
  • Battery Replacement Cost – The existing battery technology only offers a fairly limited life cycle; after a certain number of charges and discharges, the battery will not hold a charge and will eventually die out. The current cost of batteries remains high due as they cannot be mass produced. Because of the high cost to replace these batteries, it is hard to embrace this new technology.
  • Battery Duration – In the case of a vac truck for sale, the electric motor is used for powering the vacuum unit. Compared to internal combustion engines, battery life is fairly limited because of current battery technology. As a result, the electric motor may only be able to work for a few hours before requiring charging; at that point, the equipment shifts to the internal combustion engine for power.

Obstacles to the implementation of hybrid technology are not surprising; like any new technology, there will always be critics and skeptics. Yet this new scientific knowledge offers advantages that could improve durability, fuel economy, and even performance of commercial vehicles. Although the initial cost of hybrid units is high due to the battery issue, it is still a sensible investment considering the consistent increase in fuel prices that could be offset by lower fuel expenditures, reduced maintenance, and extended service life of the vehicle. Although hybrid technology is fairly new to the commercial trucking industry, testing has shown that it can perform well in many working circumstances – and save fuel costs as well!

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