Even though a vacuum truck may only seem like a giant vacuum cleaner and not that difficult to operate, the right training on these vehicles is essential for proper usage. They are powerful machines capable of causing significant injury and even death if not used correctly. Before buying vac trucks for sale to add to a construction or service fleet, companies and their employees must make the commitment to undergo the proper amount of training to be confident about their use and how to use them safely at all times.

Vacuum Trucks – Free Training

It is wrong and potentially dangerous to assume that any truck operator can simply read a few pages of vacuum truck manuals, switch on the pump, and do a good job. Thankfully, few companies would allow that either; unfortunately, many don’t use free training that is available when purchasing this type of truck.

It may seem easier and more convenient to let seasoned crew members train newer operators while on the job. This puts a huge burden on the training crew to teach what the manufacturers of vac trucks for sale want operators to know – and what OSHA requires them to know. This is why many dealerships include training with the trucks that are sold. Passing up free instruction wastes valuable resources and increases the chance of safety issues happening on the job.

Of course, not every vacuum truck comes with an included benefit of operator training, especially if the vehicle is purchased used; irregardless, training is a necessity. If training is not offered with the sale of these vehicles, the responsibility to arrange for the operator to get that training falls upon the employer.

Vacuum Trucks – OSHA Requirements

Besides operating a vacuum truck for its intended purpose, there are many other important safety practices that all operators must know in order to fulfill the safety requirements of OSHA. This information may or may not be part of the training class offered by truck dealers so once again, it is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that equipment and employees understand all safety measures.

Many OSHA safety policies involve actual on-the-job procedures based on the type of equipment used, the environment in which it is used, and the type of work performed, all of which changes frequently. Additionally, there is much information that vacuum truck operators must learn about accident prevention as well as handling emergencies and on-site mishaps.

Vacuum Trucks – Learning Proper Skills

Obviously, no operator is perfect and the best skills come with time. Yet there are things employers can do to help crews increase job capabilities while reducing on-site mistakes – both of which can be dangerous and costly. Following OSHA guidelines and manufacturer’s operating instructions is only one part of this safety equation. Other key elements include ensuring that crews are properly paired for the work being performed and that each employee gets the necessary practice.

Vacuum truck operators must work together using learned safety measures by having been given the time and opportunity to increase such skills. The proficient use of learned skills affords the safest work environment and improved efficiency as well.

The most important thing about employee training and work safety to remember when operating a vac truck for sale is that safety may not be the easiest way to get a job done – it is the right way to get the job done. The operation of heavy equipment should be taught by experts who know the machines and can teach future operators about proper and safe usage. On-the-job training should remain the place where classroom training can be put into practice and skills increased. The job sit is not where skills should be learned – the risk of errors and accidents is just too high to ignore!

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