kwvactruckbluegrey 002When the economy is depressed and businesses are doing everything possible to stay in business, finding new ways to use equipment is a great way for some companies to keep income flowing. Depending on the industry and the equipment that is available, some companies can diversify in order to make more efficient use of a fleet of commercial vehicles. Vacuum trucks are a perfect example of equipment that can be put to use in a number of different ways, providing additional business options. With this in mind, a company might re-evaluate its vehicle requirements the next time needing to find a vac truck for sale and a more diverse one.

Expand to New Markets

When business is slow, many companies can consider finding more niches where the equipment already on hand can be used but for a different type of job or customer. The success of such an effort will largely depend on how equipment is used in the first place; it must also be known whether or not it is even feasible to use owned equipment for double duty. Many times with the right preparations, it is possible to achieve this.

Companies that use vacuum trucks have a number of possible industrial options open to consider as well as operators who are trained on this specialized equipment, making it easier to be able to offer new services even if buying another vac truck for sale becomes necessary. Company owners and managers need to put their heads together, look at the vacuum truck industry, and find the best ways to use current assets of both equipment and trained work crews, all to the company’s benefit to help keep it productive.

Re-Evaluate and Retrofit Equipment

When considering optional use for available vacuum trucks and other equipment, it is essential to examine the capabilities of that equipment, and then determine what is necessary for it to perform additional jobs. In order to dedicate vacuum trucks to specific uses, they need to be equipped with safety features specific to the specific suctioning and hauling jobs. This can include the need for non-corrosive tanks and pumps that do not spark in the case of flammable materials, pumps that have extra safety valves to prevent accidental leakage, blowers and more.

While it can seem like the monetary outlay to retrofit existing vehicles may be prohibitive, if good market research has been done and the possibility of obtaining more business exists, retrofitting is still less expensive than buying new vacuum trucks. In either case, being able to dedicate units to this new service is usually necessary.

Vacuum trucks by their very nature offer a lot of options for owning companies; so when the time comes to diversify, these are among the best machines to handle the challenge. Since the trucks are so specialized in what the equipment can do, servicing is being provided to a somewhat captive market. Smart businesses can use this advantageously even if it is necessary to purchase another vehicle to test the waters of diversification, so to speak. Such an action can position a company to expand services and keep crews working through tough financial times and avoid a business stall-out!

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