Whether purchasing new or used, knowing a thing or two about the actual pumps found on vac trucks for sale is essential to make the right purchase decision. There are many specifications that affect performance and efficiency depending how a truck will be used. For septic work, knowing what features and specifications are needed to get a job done is important to prevent having an expensive repair bill right after purchasing a truck.

Pump Size and Performance

Sometimes, bigger and more powerful is the best choice; outfitting vacuum trucks with the right pumps is an example of this. For the best performance with the least amount of problems, vac trucks being sold should have a pump that is proportionate to the size of the tank – too big or too small slows the process.

Vacuum pump and tank combinations are calculated based on CFM (cubic feet per minute) to gallons. Ratios close to 1:4 to 1:5 on smaller tanks under 1000 gallons have proven to be the most efficient; however, this ratio varies widely once the tank size goes over 1,000 gallons. Pump sizes typically used on the average residential septic pumper truck to reach best performance include setups such:

  • 130-150 CFM to 700-1200 gallons

  • 160-200 CFM to 1,000-1,800 gallons

  • 250-280 CFM to 2,400-3,000 gallons

  • 350-400 CFM to 3,500-4,200 gallons

These are just samples of good pump-to-tank ratios to look for when searching for a new or used sale of vac trucks. Check with the manufacturer for information to help choose the right pump for the job, as a much more accurate picture of CFM per gallon based on larger tanks is important.

Brand Reputation and Price

Many buyers looking at vacuum trucks for sale believe cost will determine quality and value when trying to find a good sale price for used vac trucks. The truth of the matter is that the better brands do cost more but that may not equate to buying used pumper trucks.

Purchasing the right vac trucks, outfitted with the right vacuum pump, is a matter of researching and comparing the different brands. Understanding price and life expectancy is one thing; the reputation of a brand frequently carries more weight. It stands to reason that used vehicles with pumps that have been in service for a while can be good purchases if the brand and model is right and it has a good track record.

Basically, do not rely on just one detail – look at all the details to determine which pump is the best purchase. Sometimes, if the truck seems decent, considering a less-known brand could be a good bargaining point on the price of vac trucks for sale.

There are many details that must be considered when purchasing new or used vac trucks and one of the most important details is the pump. Be cautious – especially when buying used – and educated. This helps ensure that a buyer will get their money’s worth (and then some) from the right equipment!

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