Streets are bound to get dirty with all the different vehicles and people that use them. Maintaining the cleanliness ofVac_Truck_For_Sale the streets is not an easy task. It could require many people who are passionate and enthusiastic about their job to brush every corner of each street in a city or town. This work must be done quickly so that traffic flow is not hindered. One particular truck that can do the job more efficiently and in a shorter period of time is the vacuum truck.

This utility equipment is quickly growing in popularity because it offers many different types, models and capacities to perform any cleaning job that requires suction. As with any other heavy-duty utility equipment, investing in the wrong vehicle could cost additional money in the future. This is why it is important that business owners and managers who plan to purchase this truck know some of the essential aspects of this powerful street sweeper. Before buying that vac truck for sale, read some of this helpful information.


Regardless of the type, any vac truck for sale will have the same components. As its name suggests, it is a truck with a powerful suction mechanism attachment. It has been designed to do the following: emergency spill clean up; dewatering excavations; water/oil separation cleaning; disposal of contaminated water; commercial and industrial storage tank cleaning; and removal of sludge, sand and gravel to name a few of its many other dirty jobs.


The process of suctioning dirt is simple. The vehicle has a system that generates high pressure air flow using double or triple air fans. The air flows to the intake nozzle of the machine and suctions it into different holding chambers. The dirt stays in the storage tank while the air continues to pass through the filtering system before it being released into the surrounding air.

When the intake nozzle is pointed at the street level, the movement of the air will suck up all the street dirt into the vacuum, where it is then placed into the storage tank’s main chamber. Dust particles will be blown further into the two smaller tanks; before the air finally passes to the suction mechanism, any tiny particles of dust will be trapped in the special filter system.

For more challenging street cleaning conditions, there are special tools that can be attached to the machine. They can assist in sweeping the road surface and allowing the air to flow, suctioning any other difficult dirt and grime inside the tank.

Operational Safety

Though operating this equipment may only require a driver’s license, there are cases where this equipment is required for oil spills and other substances that could possibly create a chemical reaction inside the vacuum tank. This reaction could result in the leaking of harmful gases that could be dangerous or even fatal to the crews who are working around the equipment. Therefore, training and orientation regarding proper safety measures is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to avoid any health and other related issues.

Before looking for the next vac truck for sale, determination should be made as to the exact truck needed for any future applications since this equipment is not used just to clean the streets. Knowing this information will ensure purchasing the right truck for the job!