Just like any other vehicle, preparation is critical in keeping a truck properly functioning in the middle of winter withVac_Truck_for_Sale its bitter cold temperatures. Although most of the vac truck for sale vehicles are equipped with safety mechanisms, cold weather is another matter altogether and must be carefully considered. Preventing the adverse effects of low temperatures is essential to preserve one of a company’s most valuable assets.


When winter approaches, the following are some important aspects that should be given careful attention.

  • Rubber Seals – Equipment readiness is very important during the fall and each vehicle should be prepared for the coming colder weather. For example, all rubber seals should be carefully checked for a good tight seal that will stay that way, even in the most freezing temperatures.
  • Fuel Stabilizer – Consideration should be given to the vehicle’s fuel by adding a stabilizer. This is especially important for any truck that may be left sitting in one place for a long period of time. With smaller capacity fuel tanks, octane levels drop quickly and fuel goes bad with lower temperatures. Fuel starts to degrade and if it is not quickly consumed, it needs to be stabilized in order to keep it from gumming up or losing its potency. This stabilizer is not necessary with diesel fuel since diesel does not lose octane or degrade as easily as gasoline.
  • Scheduled Maintenance – For any type of equipment that may be included in a vac truck for sale, scheduled inspections are very important to keep vehicles in good shape before they are stored for the season. There is usually more time to perform these activities since fall is generally less hectic. If the vehicle does need any repair or if parts need to be ordered, the winter season is the ideal time to do this to avoid the spring rush. If there are several vehicles that require maintenance care, a checklist can be created for any that will need repair. A list of necessary tools to perform the jobs is more readily handled during the winter months than in the more active spring and summer months. This checklist may include tires, bearings, batteries, and air filters.

Winterizing the Workforce

Vacuum trucks are purchased for their productivity. All managers, as well as any fleet operators and workers, should not be complacent about winter safety; workers need to be adequately trained and conscientious about taking precautions. Winter protection for employees against the cold elements should also be handled, especially for those workers who spend most of their time doing outside tasks.

Even though there are general guidelines that have been released by OSHA outlining safety in the workplace for each employee, there is nothing specific and finite for harsh weather conditions. Accordingly, knowledge should be gained from those who have always lived in cold areas. Employees should be properly dressed to protect themselves from harsh winter weather conditions. Wearing layers of clothing and using jackets and parkas for outerwear is helpful.

The helpful aspects mentioned above should be given careful attention to uphold the functionality of a vac truck for sale and to avoid worries about any damaging effects caused by winter weather. So get that fleet ready for winter weather!