Certain types of vacuum trucks are especially designed for demanding responsibilities, such as ocean oil spills. When looking for a vac truck for sale to handle such a job, there are vehicles available that can be customized for such specialized tasks. For companies who are expanding or want to participate in an oil spill response, purchasing one of these trucks will provide a definite business advantage; however, before acquiring one, the information below may be very helpful.

Environment Effects

When liquid petroleum hydrocarbon is accidentally released into the ocean, the response must be quick in order to save marine life from very damaging effects. Depending on the speed and severity of the leak and how quickly a respondent can control the situation, the clean-up process could take weeks, months, or even longer. When marine creatures and plants are exposed to such toxins, internal temperature fluctuations may be experienced; in the case of ingestion, there may be an impaired digestive process; or even worse, the creature may eventually die due to the poison. While there is certain bacteria that acts naturally to eliminate harmful waste from the water, it will take a long time and may intensify adverse effects on the environment.

Right Equipment

An immediate response necessitates the use of proper equipment. One such scenario occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, where vacuum trucks did a very efficient job in the clean-up effort. The truck’s development was overseen by well-known actor Kevin Costner and his other brother and scientist Dan Costner who had developed an eco-friendly vehicle. This vehicle was able to clean up after the oil spill in the ocean; the results were not only successful – they were amazing. Those who partnered in this effort were ecstatic to learn that every piece of equipment worked exactly as advertised and played a big role in saving the environment.

“Ocean therapy” is what these machines were referred to, as they possess both speed and efficiency and have the ability to suction up to two hundred gallons of waste liquid per minute. Besides speed, they are also efficient in cleaning, releasing water back into the water that is ninety-eight percent clean, which is very enticing to purchasers of such equipment.

Safety Response

Exposure to highly toxic materials such as those from ocean oil spills is dangerous; therefore, it is recommended that workers follow all required safety procedures. Saltwater containing chemicals from a spill may cause a reaction inside the tank and produce toxic gases. Exposure to such toxic fumes can reach lethal levels when inhaled. For this reason, workers must comply with all health and safety guidelines, be properly informed about the scope of the project, and wear appropriate protective gear.

Selection Process

During the selection process, it is important to consider the type of job to be accomplished such as responding to an ocean oil spill which requires speed and efficiency. This fact would then make it wise to invest in a vac truck for sale such as those developed by the Costners. At that point it would be advisable to determine the available purchasing capacity, set a budget, and purchase the proper equipment.

Specialty vacuum trucks can accomplish many unique and demanding jobs, such as cleaning ocean spills. The information provided above should hopefully help a company acquire the perfect vac truck for sale to help in any ocean rescue efforts!

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